Marlou Arizala suspended, management now searching for the new 'Xander Ford'

MANILA, Philippines – Looks like fame is short lived for the viral Marlou Arizala as he bids goodbye to “Xander Ford.”
Marlou Arizala suspended, management now searching for the new "Xander Ford"

In a surprising announcement made by Arizala's talent management, Star Image Artist Management confirmed that he is on “indefinite suspension.” It means Arizala is not allowed to participate in any event or engagement without his management's consent or until the suspension is lifted.

Arizala gained popularity after admitting to being bullied for his looks, he went through a major plastic surgery. With his improved looks, he started using the name “Xander Ford.”

WATCHRated K reveals new look of Marlou Arizala

On Facebook, Star Image wrote a lengthy revelation explaining the reasons for the sanction they imposed to Arizala.

Marlou Arizala suspended, management now searching for the new "Xander Ford"
Star Image Artist Management puts Marlou Arizala on “indefinite suspension” | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Star Image Artist Management

They cited that Arizala has been unprofessional and breached their contract,“violating the signed Memorandum of Agreement under Section 3 (Confidentiality and Non-disclosure), Section 4 (Exclusivity) and Section 5 (Performance and Attitude).”

Arizala's management wrote about him, “This is also to give him a lesson. But Marlou is a hopeless case. He can’t follow even a simple direction. Such a stubborn unprofessional individual.”

Star Image admitted that they “gambled” in investing in Arizala despite the bad reputation he had. Unfortunately, the management said they failed as the young man turned out to be arrogant and “consumed by his temporary fame and the attitude towards work and colleagues became worse.”

Star Image said that it came to a point when Ariza allegedly even said, “I never wanted this fame and to work in showbiz. I just wanted to look good!”

Star Image decided to bare the truth behind the controversies Arizala was involved in.

They first admitted the rumor that Arizala, indeed, shouted and boasted to the ABS-CBN marshals telling them, “‘Di nyo ba ako kilala? Ako si Xander Ford?”

Star Image also confirmed that the reason behind Arizala's GGV guesting not being aired was due to his unprofessionalism towards production staff.

The management also admitted that Arizala had been “missing.” They said he “deliberately hid from his management due to advice from his friends, peer pressure and allegedly under the influence of marijuana and alcohol (according to a reliable source).”

Star Image also said that the video of Arizala bashing Kathryn Bernardo is true and is just one of the many bashings he made towards other ABS-CBN stars.

The search for the new Xander Ford

Star Image said that the name “Xander Ford” is an “alter ego” of someone who is “kind, well-mannered, humble and responsible artist, and mainly to set a good example and inspire people, especially the Filipino youth.”

They added that they are now looking for the next star to be managed as “Xander Ford.”

Star Image said they have “decided to get back the name XANDER FORD from Marlou Arizala and to give to the Rightful Person bearing the good qualities that we are looking for an upcoming Idol and to become a good role model to all.”

— Sally, The Summit Express

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