VIDEO: Rated K reveals new look of Marlou Arizala

MANILA, Philippines - Are you ready to see the new Marlou Arizala?

October 1 Update: Rated K officially revealed Xander Ford!

Over the past week, netizens were shocked after reports claimed that the internet sensation will be undergoing plastic surgery. These were later confirmed after photos of Arizala inside an operating room surfaced online.

new look of Marlou Arizala Xander Ford
Screenshot from Rated K video. Courtesy of ABS-CBN.
In his exclusive interview with Rated K, the former Hasht5 member revealed the changes you can expect on his face from the operation he underwent last Monday, September 4 at Marikina Doctors Hospital and Medical Center.

“Oo dito ako nakilala pero may pangarap ako. Pangarap ko yun nga, yung magbago ako. Kasi lahat naman ng tao nagbabago eh,” Marlou told Rated K.

“Lahat yung kulay ko, hairstyle, pananamit kung ano man yung nakita niyo ngayon lahat yun magbabago,” he added.

According to the boyband singer, he will have his nose as well as his chin enhanced. He believes such changes in his physical appearance will help build his confidence and make him feel good about himself.

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His plastic surgeon, Dr. Samuel Eric C. Yapjuangco of The Icon Clinic explained that they will implant a silicone on Marlou’s Chin and add a cartilage from his ears to the tip of his nose to enhance his looks. But more than changing him physically, Marlou’s team of surgeons believes the operation will change his outlook in life.

“Definitely what we want to do is help people to feel good about themselves. It’s not just about yung parang aayusin mo yung ilong, aayusin mo yung boobs or aayusin mo yung pwet. It’s how they should feel good after the surgery,’ Dr. Yapjuangco explained.

Just like Jake Zyrus, Arizala also opted to have his name changed to Xander Ford.

His agency Star Image Artist Management explained: “Kapag nagbago ka ng mukha it should follow na magbago din yung pangalan mo, personality mo. We came up with Xander. Xander, parang very pogi name. Tapos dagdagan mo pa ng Ford very classy.”

Watch full video here.

Arizala’s new look will be revealed in the September 24 and October 1 episodes of Rated K.

-- Mini, The Summit Express

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