VIRAL: Leaked video allegedly shows Xander Ford bashing Kathryn Bernardo

MANILA, Philippines – Kapamilya leading star Kathryn Bernardo and her fans are upset over a recently leaked video of Xander Ford, formerly Marlou Arizala, allegedly bashing the Teen Queen for being “sakang.”

Leaked video allegedly shows Xander Ford bashing Kathryn Bernardo

A video of Xander Ford had been leaked online showing his strong opinions against Kathryn’s being FHM’s sexiest woman.

The video seems to be taken inside a car taken by an anonymous person hiding the camera. A man who sounds like Xander talking about some random things like ex-girlfriends until he started ranting about Kathryn.

In his own words, Xander said, “Yung lobo pong ginagapan ni Kathryn Bernardo ay sakang po iyon. *laughter* Kaya po para sa mga naniniwalang gustong maging #1 FHM model si Kathryn Bernardo ay huwag na po kayong umasa. Never pa ako nakakita ng sexy na sakang ang paa. Paki-pantay lang pa ang daliri sa paa ni...”

Someone interrupted him, “Hoy, masyado ka sa katabi mo.”

They continued to say “Hi” to some people outside.

Netizens react on the body shaming

This has outraged KathNiel (loveteam of Kathryn and Daniel Padilla) fans and even non-followers. “Kath” even trended on Twitter Saturday morning. People started accusing Xander Ford of being arrogant and for body shaming someone.

Celebrities advise Xander Ford

Early last week, comedian Ogie Diaz shared his friend’s experience of seeing Xander Ford arrogantly shouting at guards. Xander had already asked for forgiveness but several celebrities have spoken up to advise the lad about humility.

The alleged video from Fashion Pulis and the “Kath Walk”

KathNiel fans have been sharing the popular “Kath Walk” to remind haters that “Kath slays.”

Xander Ford, Star Image Management react

The new social media sensation and Star Image Management denied accusations and said tt's definitely not Xander Ford nor Marlou Arizala behind that voice.

"In the first place, how can he say such derogatory words against Kathryn when in fact during his interviews, he's very keen and proud to say that one of his favorite female actresses is Kathryn Bernardo and his favorite actor is Daniel Padilla (where "Ford" on his new name came from)."
Xander Ford statement Kathryn Bernardo video

Xander Ford statement Kathryn Bernardo video

-- Sally, The Summit Express

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