Welcome to The Summit Express, a reliable online news portal in the Philippines.

    As the name directly implies, The Summit Express news blog, means "summit" (discussion) + "express" (to convey a thought or feeling in words or deliver message in the fastest and accurate manner).

    It covers various categories such as news, entertainment, technology, reviews, exam results, sports, features, weather, trending topics on social media, business and bulletins that comprise the competitive platform of modern-day website.

    The Summit Express was founded in 2012 and in just few months, website traffic and online community quickly grew in compliance with our tagline to deliver "Big News. Best Stories. Express Results." and our mission "to share reliable information for the Filipinos worldwide".

    For several years, The Summit Express maintains its status as one of the leading news blogs in the Philippines. In November 2017, the website was viewed by over 6.0 million times.

    In September 2017, we've hit a milestone of having 200,000+ active fans on Facebook.

    The Summit Express.com was recognized as Finalist for News and Events category at the Philippine Blogging Awards (#Bloggys2015).

    TheSummitExpress Bloggys 2015 Finalist

    As we're not only dedicated to inform readers of important updates, we also want to give opportunity to all professional and new writers to showcase their talent through blog contributions.

    We're looking for writers to cover news, feature travel destinations and restaurants, share trending stories on social media, write opinion pieces on politics, entertainment or sports, feature movie review and almost anything that can surely earn interest of readers.

    As a regular guest contributor, you will have a chance to share your stories in a bigger audience (on website and social media), learn search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and develop online journalism knowledge. You will also get the opportunity to attend product launch, press conference and various events. Through media invites, you will enjoy lots of freebies, VIP treatment and even see your favorite stars.

    If you want to showcase your talent with us and if you're ready to explore new possibilities, check out some of our guidelines:

    1. Your article should be fresh and unique. Reposting of stories from magazines, books and other materials is not allowed. You may rewrite articles that you have read online provided that you spin it to be a unique content.

    2. Use words that are applicable to all ages and write based on the interest of the Filipinos.

    3. Avoid outbound links (hyperlinks that point to other website) or maximum of 2 links (no follow) if really needed for the article.

    NOTE: All Sponsored Post (brand or product promotion) falls on advertising category and it costs Php 4,000 - Php10,000 for publishing content. For more details, check out here.

    If you're interested to join our growing community, you may send your sample writing to admin@thesummitexpress.com or you may use our contact form here. Please include also link if you have personal blog.

    PS: Allow us maximum of 7 days to review your work as we are receiving lots of emails in a day. We also don't guarantee of publishing your submitted article but rest assured it will be reviewed and we will provide some comments if necessary.

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