Man who lost everything due to wife’s gambling lives with son in Jollibee

    The whole country witnessed how gambling addiction caused Jessie Carlos to completely destroy his life and unintentionally kill 38 people in a tragic incident in Resorts World Manila last June. Getting hooked in gambling not only leaves one deep in debt, it can also wreck the lives of people around you.

    In a viral Facebook post, netizen Jerrico Punzalan Ocampo shared how a woman’s gambling addiction turned Daniel Amin and his young son to homeless people. Ocampo, who encountered the two in a Jollibee branch in Spark Place in Cubao, discovered that they had been living in the fast food restaurant for six months because they had lost every single money they had due to the gambling addiction of Amin’s wife.

    Man who lost everything due to wife’s gambling lives with son in Jollibee
    PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Jerrico Punzalan Ocampo
    Ocampo recounted that when he first saw Amin and his son sleeping in the Jollibee branch, he thought they were just waiting for someone. However, he started having doubts when he saw them again in the branch for the second time. As a Sunday school teacher, Ocampo felt the need to help the kid and his father so he decided to order food for them. He just instructed the fast food crew to give the food to Amin and his son without revealing who gave it.

    On his third encounter with Amin and his son in the branch, Ocampo decided to personally give food and reach out to them. Based on his conversation with Amin, he learned that he previously sold barbecue in Cubao and was earning enough to provide for his family as well as save money. Unfortunately, his wife got addicted to gambling causing them to lose everything he has worked for including the space they were renting and eventually become homeless.

    “Dati siyang nagtitinda ng barbeque sa cubao,ok naman daw ang kita nakakapag-tabi siya ng lahat ng pambayad malakas naman kasi ang barbeque kahit saan dalhin, and then dun ko din nalaman na pinalayas sila sa inuupahan nilang maliit na pwesto na tindahan nila ng barbeque at the same time tulugan na rin dahil nalulong sa bisyo at sugal ung asawa nya, walang hanggang sugal at to the point na pati ung nakatabing pang-upa mg bahay,” Ocampo wrote.

    To make matters worse, Amin’s wife even left them along with his saved money.

    “Yung ipon ni kuya kinuha din nung asawa niya one night at hindi na bumalik kaya napalayas sila at since then sa kalsada na sila tumira,” Ocampo added.

    According to Ocampo, Amin attempted to go back to his mother’s place twice but was rejected. Only Amin’s youngest brother was aware of his present condition.

    Moved by his heartbreaking story, Ocampo and his friends decided to raise funds for Amin and his son to start all over again.

    “Lately me and my Bigo friends decided to raise a fund. Para maihanap sila ng pwesto at the same time tulugan na din, and I am also asking for my friends here in Facebook to help us in para maayos uung buhay nila,” Ocampo said.

    -- Mini, The Summit Express

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