LIST: 5 weird but awesome jobs with high salaries

Did you know that you can earn P2 million a year just by tasting food? Who wouldn’t want to trade their current job for such opportunity to devour food and take home a lot of moolah?

LIST: 5 weird but awesome jobs with high salaries

Apparently, there are a number of peculiar jobs in the world that pay really well. Here are some of them, according to Female Network.

1. Mystery Shopper

The job of a mystery shopper is much like the job of a secret agent. You need to pose as a regular customer in certain shops and see whether the management and the staff are doing their job. The data you will collect will be used for retail improvement and market research. Aside from the excitement this job entails, you can earn around P2,000 per shop.

2. Food and Beverage Taster

Eating and drinking for free is already a good deal but what if you can get paid to do these things? Food and beverage tasters must examine not just the taste but the aroma, texture, size, shape, color of their subject. While data on food and beverage tasters in the Philippines aren’t available, some people with this profession in other parts of the world can get more than P2 million in a year.

3. “Nose”

A “nose” or a perfumer has the talent on fragrance composition enabling them to come up with scents that will bring in a lot of money to the branf. Aside from possessing a good sense of smell, you’ll need to know which should be mixed with which in order to create scents that will attract the brand’s target market.

4. Professional Bridesmaid

It may sound like something straight from a movie, but professional bridesmaids do exist. Their task is to deal with difficult bridezillas and somehow be in charge of coordinating some details on their wedding day. Jen Glantz,a popular professional bridesmaid, earns a basic fee of $2,000 or about P100,000 per event. You’ll need to double her payment if you want her to walk with the bride down the aisle. Now, don’t you think being a professional bridesmaid will give you your happy ever after?

5. Planetary Protection Officer

Believe it or not, NASA is willing to pay around P6,000,000 to P9,000,000 to people who are willing to protect the Earth? While you don’t necessarily need to have superpowers to be a Planetary Protection Officer, you need to possess “advanced degree in physical science, engineering, or mathematics.” Also, your task is to protect the world from microbes that can possibly enter the atmosphere from space expeditions returning home.

-- Mini, The Summit Express

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