Wala pa, Wala na? Bea Alonzo, Dominic Roque's wedding rakes intrigues

MANILA, Philippines – As February enters, it seems that news about showbiz couples' breakups shows no signs of stopping.

A silver lining amidst the intrigues and gossip of break-ups during the Love month is the engaged couple, Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque.

Wedding of Bea Alonzo, Dominic Roque rakes intrigues
Photo courtesy: Bea Alonzo, Dominic Roque (Instagram)

The engaged celebrity is currently a hot topic on social media, with discussions questioning whether they have really broken up.

This stems from apparent lack of plans regarding their rumored wedding.

UPDATE: CONFIRMED: Bea Alonzo, Dominic Roque break up

Recently, showbiz news reporters cornered Bea and questioned her about their wedding preparations.

Bea couldn't provide any answers because, according to her, there haven't been any discussions at all. In short, nothing is finalized yet. She even mentioned that she couldn't provide details about the lineup of godparents.

"Wala pa, wala pa. Sorry, wala pa. Alam mo, wala pa talaga so I can't tell you anything just yet," she said in a recent interview.

This contradicted Dominic's statement during an ambush interview with showbiz reporters for an endorsement, where he mentioned that they are already preparing for the wedding, and one of the invited guests is Asia's Outstanding Superstar Kathryn Bernardo, but not her ex-boyfriend, Daniel Padilla.

Speculations among netizens heightened when Dominic turned off the comment section on his Instagram posts and also posted a photo flex. In the said photo, he can be seen sitting on rocks by a beach, gazing into the vast sea in the distance.

This sparked discussions among Ogie Diaz, Mama Loi, and Tita Jegs on their showbiz vlog "Ogie Diaz Showbiz Update."

According to Ogie, netizens have noticed that Bea seems to no longer wear the engagement ring that Dominic gave her in July 2023 when he proposed.

Netizens have also observed that they no longer like each other's posts, although they still follow each other on social media.

Netizens revisited Bea's Instagram post when she met her friends Dimples Romana and Bea Saw, who were her co-stars in the movie "One More Chance." She captioned it "My unpaid therapists." A netizen even commented that Bea wasn't seen at Dominic's mother's birthday celebration. They find it suspicious.

Next, they said the last post they had about each other was their Japan trip, which was seen on January 8. After that, there were no more posts showing them together.

Even during Bea's family bonding with her mother and siblings, netizens also looked for where Dominic was.

This led people to start speculating whether they were on the rocks.

Ogie also referred to the talked-about ambush interview of "Very Wang" with Bea. It was noticeable that the Kapuso Star didn't dodge the questions but seemed unsure about her answers, or perhaps she wasn't ready to give details about their real score as a couple.

When asked if Dominic had plans for the wedding, Ogie mentioned that based on their last conversation, the actor already had plans for their wedding with Bea, including selecting principal sponsors. They reportedly planned to choose married couples successful in their relationship, so that if they encounter problems in their marriage, they could seek advice from them.

Because of this, Ogie spoke with several sources as netizens challenged him to spill the beans on the matter, similar to what he did with other breakup rumors involving other showbiz couples, which eventually turned out to be true.

Ogie reportedly sent a message to Dominic Roque via Viber, but Dominic only read it and didn't respond.

According to another source, the wedding is still on track but Bea seems to have "wedding jitters."

Wedding jitters means the nervousness or anxiety a person feels before getting married. It's a common expression that describes the feelings of nervousness or anxiety due to the fear of making a mistake, apprehension about the future, or just general nerves about the life changes ahead.

Another source said Bea might not want to disclose details about the wedding because she wants to keep some mystery until they get married.

Someone even said that this might be their way of missing each other, and rumors have it that the wedding is really set for September 2024, but it seems too long if they're not seeing each other now? It's said that the venue will be in Madrid, Spain.

There were also rumors that Bea's mother didn't approve of Dominic because of his status in terms of wealth and career, as her child is supposedly more superior in those aspects. However, this isn't true because Bea's mother reportedly accepts the actor for her daughter, seeing how happy Bea is with him.

From here, speculation arose that perhaps there was a prenup agreement between the two, just to ensure that whatever Bea accumulated is hers alone, and whatever Dominic has is his alone.

According to another source of Ogie's, it was confirmed that the two have indeed broken up. Their Japan trip was reportedly their last post together.

“Sabi ng isa kong source, wala na sila, hiwalay na sila. May nagsabi rin sa akin na ‘yung post ni Dominic na siya’y nag-iisa na tinatanaw ang dagat at hampas ng alon meron daw problema ‘yun,” Ogie said.

“‘Yung Japan (trip) nila huling post na nila ‘yun. Wala na, kaya inaabala na lang ni Bea ang kanyang sarili, bini-busy na lang ni Bea ang kanyang sarili,” he added.

It's possible that between January 20 to January 22, they already separated.

While writing this article, Bea and Dominic have yet to make any statements to refute, conclude, clarify, or confirm these issues about their relationship and wedding.

— Noel Ed Richards, The Summit Express

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