Blessing or sign? Giant lapu-lapu caught in Negros Oriental

MANILA, Philippines – What dish would you cook if you caught a very huge "lapu-lapu?"

The residents of Barangay Antulang in Siaton, Negros Oriental were amazed after a gigantic lapu-lapu fish was caught by fishermen in the said area.

Blessing or sign? Giant lapu-lapu caught in Negros Oriental
Photo courtesy: Facebook/Negrosanon Stories

On the Facebook page of Negrosanon Stories, it can be seen that the mentioned fish is as long as a person and weighs 64 kilograms.

Some say it's a blessing from the sea, but some residents are worried about the possible reasons behind the emergence of such a large fish.

Another netizen suggested returning the giant fish to the sea because it might be a rare species.

There's an old belief that when atypical creatures emerge from the depths of the sea, it brings misfortune to the area.

However, in science, it is believed that these creatures may sense unusual movements underwater, which disturb them and cause them to surface or appear in shallow parts of the ocean.

Well, on a lighter note, you might consider cooking it as a classic Filipino dish called "sinigang na lapu-lapu" or "lapu-lapu escabeche." These dishes typically showcase the delicious flavor of the fish with a variety of savory ingredients like vegetables, tamarind broth, or sweet and sour sauce.

What are your thoughts about it?

— Noel Ed Richards, The Summit Express

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