Top 1 in the December 2022 criminology board exam shares topnotcher's mindset

MANILA, Philippines – Narcilisa Talipnao showed a topnotcher mindset when she challenged herself to achieve her goal. She ranked no. 1 in the December 2022 Criminology Licensure Exam (CLE), as announced by the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) in January 2023.

Narcilisa Talipnao ranked no. 1 in the December 2022 Criminology Licensure Exam
Narcilisa Talipnao ranked no. 1 in the December 2022 Criminology Licensure Exam (CLE) | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/ Criminologist & Criminology Philippines

Narcilisa got a 91.60-percent rating, placing first among the 11,098 passers of the exam.

According to her, it takes a lot of good mindset and preparation to become a topnotcher. She already conditioned her mind that she will focus and prepare so she will pass on her first take.

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She shared, “Una po, talagang prepare ko is yung sarili ko. Yung mindset ko na dapat ipasa ko yung board nang first take ko pa lang, kaya dapat focused ako.”

Motivated to succeed, she set a goal for herself to become a topnotcher or at the very least have a score of at least 85%. “I challenged myself na dapat maging topnotcher ako, or kung hindi man ako maging topnotcher, e, dapat hindi bababa ng 85 [percent] yung rating ko,” she explained.

Despite all her preparation, Narcilisa admitted doubting herself after taking the exam. She felt disappointed because she thought she had made so many errors. This humbled her and realized that passing the exam was already enough.

“Kaya parang nawala na po sa isip ko na magta-topnotcher, basta pumasa na lang po,” she said.

When the results came, she couldn’t believe she was totally overwhelmed. She said, “Yes, I aimed to be a topnotcher, pero hindi ko naman po in-expect na Top 1, so talagang nakaka-overwhelm.”

Now that she has passed the licensure exam, she is already considering shifting her career focus. While she initially wanted to enter law enforcement, she is now considering other opportunities, such as teaching.

“Nung undergraduate, talagang naka-set yung mind ko na papasok ako ng law enforcement, pero it opened many opportunities. So ngayon, kinu-consider ko na ring yung academe, yung pagtuturo,” the topnotcher explained.

Narcilisa earned her magna cum laude in criminology from the University of Baguio.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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