Why pink? Robredo explains reason for choosing pink over yellow

MANILA, Philippines – Soon after Vice President Leni Robredo announced her presidential bid for 2022, many of her supporters turned their social media accounts into a pink spectacle.

Celebrities, netizens and even businesses have openly expressed their support to the opposition leader by donning pink, editing their photos in the shade of pink, or sharing pink products. The so-called pink movement quickly took over social media sites while the hashtags #LetLeniLead and #LabanLeni2022 became trending topics on Twitter on Thursday, October 7.

Why pink? Robredo explains reason for choosing pink over yellow
PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/ VP Leni Robredo

Robredo’s unexpected shift of color from yellow to pink, which has long been widely associated with the Liberal Party as well as the Aquinos, has only kept the public guessing.

“On Thursdays, we wear pink”

In a press briefing on Friday, October 8, Robredo said that the color yellow is a protest against dictatorship. The 56-year old human rights lawyer said that the fight is different and bigger now.

"Yellow is a color of protesting dictatorship. Iba na ang laban ngayon. Mas malaki ang laban. Laban ito sa pagbabalik ng anak ng diktador at masamang pamamahala na sanhi ng problema na pinagdaraan natin," Robredo explained.

According to Robredo, pink, which is also a symbol of activism and protest, was selected by her volunteers.

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"Pink is also the color of protest and activism globally at the moment, and this has been chosen by the volunteers because they thought this will symbolize our aspirations to replace this existing leadership,” Robredo added.

The former Congresswoman of Camarines Sur also emphasized that she chose to run as an independent candidate as a symbolic way of saying that she is open to forming new alliances with many parties.

"This is about inclusivity. Hindi naman ako kumandidato pagkapangulo para sa partido, kundi para pag-isahin ang lakas ng sambayanan,” Robredo said.

Leaving “dilawan” a smart move

Political analyst and lawyer Antonio La Viña said Robredo’s decision to choose pink over yellow is a smart move. He said that yellow can no longer be used by Robredo since it has become tainted in recent years.

“It’s a smart move, but it would have to be followed up with real inclusivity in the campaign,” La Viña explained.

The former dean of the Ateneo School of Government also thinks that the pink hue, which might also be signalling change, is “a very direct appeal to mothers and women as it looks like she will be the only woman running”.

— Mini, The Summit Express

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