Rabiya Mateo Top 3 in Missosology’s final hot picks for Miss Universe 2020

MANILA, Philippines – Miss Universe Philippines Rabiya Mateo was ranked top 3 in Miss Universe 2020 final hot picks of beauty pageant website Missosology.

Missosology’s final hot picks for Miss Universe 2020
Missosology’s final hot picks for Miss Universe 2020: India, Peru and Philippines

Missosology released their list of candidates who they think will make it to the 69th Miss Universe top 21. Following the pageant's preliminary completion on Saturday, May 15 (Manila time), Missosology's resident pageant experts and seasoned correspondents discussed their overall impression of the candidates.


According to them, they didn't come up with a unanimous decision who will make it to the top but they named Miss India Adline Castelino to be in the number 1 of their Final Hot Picks.

Miss Universe India Adline Castelino. Photo Credit: Facebook/Missosology

Missosology noted, "Despite the difficult situation that her country is facing due to the pandemic, Adline brought her A-game in Florida, enchanting everyone with her renewed confidence and unassuming beauty during the preliminary swimsuit and evening gown. She has the gift of gab and perfectly fits the mold of an IMG/Endeavour era Miss Universe winner."

Meanwhile, our Philippine bet Rabiya Mateo landed top 3 in the list. Missosology noted how the candidate has been surrounded with negativity lately but continues to shrug it off for the competition. The pageant website noticed the wit and charm of our delegate during interviews. They even mentioned how Rabiya took a stand on social issues in the Philippines.

Miss Universe Philippines Rabiya Mateo
Miss Universe Philippines Rabiya Mateo. Photo Credit: Facebook/Missosology

"Rabiya's interviews before and during the pageant are proof that she is genuine and has a great rapport with anyone she talks to. She has proven that she is quick-witted, communicates well, and has a solid stand on social issues – one that the Miss Universe competition is looking for in a winner over the past couple of years," Missosology noted.


The panel of pageant enthusiasts were impressed with her swimsuit performance during the preliminaries that they ranked her top 3 among the best.

Among the other candidates who made it to Missosology's list are Peru’s Janick Maceta (top 2), Romania’s Bianca Tirsin (top 4) and Amanda Obdam of Thailand (top 5).

Miss Universe Peru Janick Maceta
Miss Universe Peru Janick Maceta. Photo Credit: Facebook/Missosology

Missosology's Final Hot Picks for 69th Miss Universe

1 India, Adline Castelino
2 Peru, Janick Maceta
3 Philippines, Rabiya Mateo
4 Romania, Bianca Lorena Tirsin
5 Thailand, Amanda Obdam
6 Puerto Rico, Estefanía Soto
7 Mexico, Andrea Meza
8 Brazil, Julia Gama
9 Costa Rica, Ivonne Cerdas
10 Jamaica, Miqueal-Symone Williams
11 Venezuela, Mariángel Villasmil
12 USA, Asya Branch
13 Nepal, Anshika Sharma
14 Cameroon, Angele Kossinda
15 Nicaragua, Ana Marcelo
16 Colombia, Laura Olascuaga
17 Curacao, Chantal Wiertz
18 South Africa, Natasha Joubert
19 Canada, Nova Stevens
20 Bolivia, Lenka Nemer
21 Finland, Viivi Altonen
22 Australia, Maria Thattil
23 Iceland, Elísabet Hulda Snorradóttir
24 Vietnam, Nguyễn Trần Khánh Vân
25 Great Britain, Jeanette Akua

Missosology's Final Hot Picks for 69th Miss Universe
Missosology's Final Hot Picks for 69th Miss Universe | Photo Courtesy: Missosology

The 69th Miss Universe coronation night will be held at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida, USA on May 17 (Manila time).

You can watch it live via free TV on ABS-CBN's A2Z channel or through iWantTFC. Replays will also be aired on Sunday’s Best on Kapamilya Channel on May 23 at 9:45 PM. On cable TV, it will be aired via Metro Channel on May 24 at noon and 10 PM, May 26 at 5 PM, and May 29 at 8:30 AM.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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