Neil Salvacion, one proud BF to Rabiya Mateo during Miss Universe prelims

MANILA, Philippines – Neil Salvacion showed his support to his girlfriend Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Rabiya Mateo during preliminary competition of the pageant.

Neil Salvacion and Rabiya Mateo
Neil Salvacion and Rabiya Mateo | Photo Courtesy: Instagram/Neil Salvacion

Neil joined many other Filipino pageant fans to cheer for our Philippine bet during the prelims on Saturday, May 15 (Manila time). Like any proud boyfriend, Neil shares his reaction to Rabiya's impressive performance during the swimsuit and long gown competition.

On his Instagram Stories, Neil posted a screenshot of Rabiya strutting the catwalk wearing a yellow Ema Savahl couture two-piece swimsuit. He posted a short caption to cheer his girlfriend stating, “YOOOOOOWWW!!!!! [three hearts, six fires emojis]”.

Neil Salvacion, one proud BF to Rabiya Mateo
Photo credit: Instagram/@neilow

He posted another photo of Rabiya and his reaction to the beauty queen's performance. Neil wrote, “REVIEW: PAUSED. JAW: DROPPED. HEART: POUNDING. EYES: [CRYING EMOJI]."

Neil Salvacion, one proud BF to Rabiya Mateo
Photo credit: Instagram/@neilow

Neil has been in a relationship with Rabiya for almost six years. He often calls her “my maniwantiwan," which he explained to be the beautiful wife of Datu Marikudo who once ruled Panay Island, particularly Iloilo Province back in the past.

When Rabiya celebrated her 24th birthday on November 14, 2020, Neil posted a loving message sharing how proud he is of her. According to him, he still can't believe that Rabiya is on her way to achieving the dreams she has long prayed for.

Neil wrote, "Happy Birthday Love.

“I still get so emotional and feel so surreal seeing you achieving all the dreams and harvesting all the blessings you deserve for all the hardworks you've done since you were young."

“Being proud is an understatement to what I feel towards your success, you've sacrificed so much in life but manage to remain optimistic in whatever situation you've faced.”

"I've learned so much in life through you, and I know you'll use the influence you have to spread kindness and optimism to whoever you'll meet along the way. Stay Phenomenal my love!!! I LOVE YOU.”

Meanwhile, you can support and witness Rabiya's journey in the 69th Miss Universe pageant on May 17 8:00 am (Manila time). You can watch it live on free TV, cable/satellite TV, thru app or online livestreaming.

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— Sally, The Summit Express

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