5 profitable side hustles to have in 2021

MANILA, Philippines – Some Feng Shui and astrology experts foresee a tough 2021 in terms of finances and career. It's daunting to imagine, given that 2020 had already hit us hard, and everyone felt its ill effect.

5 profitable side hustles to have in 2021
Opportunities to earn money are just around the corners, grab them before they’re gone! Photo credit: Brett Jordan - unsplash.com

Regardless of the predictions, whether they are accurate or not, we have to work harder and anticipate what could go wrong this year.

If you survived the economic recession and still have a job that puts food on your table, well and good, you deserve a pat on your back.

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Given that all commodity costs had gone up when the pandemic struck globally, our active incomes are not enough, and we need other financial sources to cope with the surging price hike.

Here are five side hustles that can aid you in this financially troubling time.

1. Buy and sell

Buy and sell is one of the oldest money makers in the history of mankind and yet, still an effective and good source of income.

The only thing that will determine your success in this area, aside from self-dedication is the product or products that you wish to focus on. As a suggestion, stick with the essential goods like medical protective equipment, mobile phones, and computers, as well as bicycles and scooters as they are considered essentials nowadays.

2. Pasabuy service

People now are scared to go out of their homes as COVID-19 still lurk and attack anyone and everywhere. People, especially the household decision-makers, need someone who can buy them their essential needs. So this is the best time to grab the opportunity.

All you need is a motorcycle or a bicycle, and of course, protective gear to start. You can charge as low as Php50 per transaction depending on the distance and volume of the item.

3. Delivery service

Running errands on behalf of your customer is also a great way to generate passive income.

Targeting local shops in your neighborhood like coffee shops and restaurants is highly recommended. You can offer them a fixed amount per delivery.

Delivery service is a fun side gig to have as the customers nowadays give generous amounts of tips, for they know how risky and how difficult it is to go from one point to another, just to satisfy their cravings.

4. Home servicing

Do you know how to cut hair, clean nails, massage, or even groom a dog just to name a few? If yes, this is the right opportunity for you.

As discussed in point number two, people are still hesitant to go outside, and they prefer a home service instead for all of their needs.

Apart from your skills, all you need is good business signage in front of your house, jeepney or tricycle terminals, or anywhere, for as long as there's foot traffic, you'll surely have a decent clientele. You can also post an ad on Facebook or Instagram for free or paid advertising with a minimal fee.

5. Cooking and baking

Food catering is the mother of all side hustles during the quarantine period. From a dessert to the main course, name it, you can find everything on social media and you can easily have a family party at home without stressing yourself about the food!

However, this is a saturated market or industry. Competition is very high. But the good news is, you can still be on top of the list. As long as you maintain the highest quality standard of food flavor and preparation, your family heirloom recipe won’t go to waste.

Having a side hustle is very promising and fulfilling at the same time. You just don’t earn money from it, but you tend to enjoy what you love to do, your passion.

You also earn money without sacrificing a lot of time. As they say, you are your own boss, and you manage your own working hours. Who knows, maybe a few years from now, your side hustle will be your primary source of income, your business!

The Summit Express wishes you all the best!

— Joey Boy Capos, The Summit Express

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