5 tips to boost productivity at work

    MANILA, Philippines – It’s the time of the year again where the majority of Filipinos draw their New Year’s resolution and commit to plenty of things that they think will better their lives.
    5 tips to boost productivity at work

    One of the most common is, of course, to get fit and healthy. Another one is to smoothen the creased relationships with the loved ones.

    But there’s one thing that Filipinos must take into the highest consideration when crafting a New Year’s resolution. Behold, “being productive at work.”

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    Each and every one of us is a living testimony of how important to have a job especially in times of pandemic. Hundreds of thousand went jobless as COVID-19 hit us hard. But this unfortunate event gave us an important lesson, to value the job that we have.

    If you still have a job today, no matter how small or big it is, consider yourself as beyond blessed. And, if you’re still looking for one, don’t worry, it will come to you, just have more patience and be more persistent.

    Whether you are working from home or office, this article will show you how to impress your boss and, perhaps expect promotion this year by following the five core tips on how to be productive at work.

    1. Start early

    Due to heavy traffic everywhere, we tend to leave home for work early and most of the time we get to our work earlier than the mandated time.

    Let’s get to work as soon as we settle down at our work stations. By this, we have a high chance of getting things done earlier than expected.

    Same thing if we’re working from home, we can login earlier than the usual so we can settle our tasks for the day.

    2. Control social media usage

    Fact, social media usage is the number one cause of procrastination in every workplace and this really eliminates productivity. Especially if we work from home, there’s no actual manager or supervisor who will check on us from time to time.

    Let’s commit ourselves to only use social media during breaks. But of course, emergency uses are an exemption.

    Aside from breaks, we have other times to check our phones and to check what’s going on in the social media world. Traveling to and from the workplace is just one of them.

    3. Have a break in between

    Plenty of productivity and career coaches advise their clients to have a very short break in between. Break, meaning, to freshen our minds and eyes so we’ll not lose or focus. We can actually stand and do some stretching during this minuscule recess.

    Experts do advise us to work for 55 minutes straight and take a little rest of 5 minutes before re-engaging in our work activities.

    In a WFH setup, try to go out of our houses and catch some clean and fresh air to clear our thoughts even for a little while.

    4. Don’t multitask

    Most of the time, we treat ourselves as ironmen or we can do plenty of things all at the same time so we can get things done. But this is totally wrong. Yes, we can get things done efficiently but not effectively.

    Multitasking is risky or prone to errors because our focus is divided into lots of things. If our bosses delegate us a pile of tasks, it’s our responsibility to ask them which ones are the top priorities. So we can get things done in the correct manner and give them the correct output.

    5. Plan ahead

    Going back to tip number one. When we start early, we’ll finish early as well. When we wrap our day at the office and there’s still time left, let’s use it in organizing and planning our tasks or to do’s for tomorrow. So when we come to the office or login the next day, everything is in order and we’ll finish everything on time and effectively.

    These tips are not only meant for office or work from home employees but great guides for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and students as well.

    These are just mere guides on how to be successful at work. But then again, success relies on ourselves, on how committed we are at work. Just what the old Filipino saying says: “Nasa Diyos ang awa at nasa tao ang gawa.”

    — Joey Boy Capos, The Summit Express

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