Photos of clouds spelling L-O-V-E go viral

MANILA, Philippines – Photos of clouds that appear to spell L-O-V-E recently went viral, with netizens saying that it is a message of love and hope from the heavens, quite literally.

Netizen AnaLiza Sampinit Lumosad was able to snap the photos on her phone from her home in Bon-Ot, Carrascal, Surigao Del Sur. Sharing four photos of the unique cloud formation, AnaLiza clarified that she took the photos herself and that these were not edited. These cloud formations are 100% natural. Wow.


The clouds are huge and were photographed over an island across from her AnaLiza took the pictures. While the clouds seemed like random pillars, they also appear to make the word ‘love’ over the island. Viewed from afar, the letters L, O, and V are much clear in form while the E appears a bit off and lying down yet still visible.

She shared the pictures after taking them on May 30, 2020 at around 6:46 A.M.
Photos of clouds spelling L-O-V-E go viral

Photos of clouds spelling L-O-V-E go viral
Photo credit: AnaLiza Sampinit Lumosad / Facebook

AnaLiza’s post has been reshared by many pages. But everyone agrees that the pictures are truly wonderful. While it is just coincidence, the cloud formation still shares a beautiful message that warmed many netizens’ hearts.

“THE SKY TELLS US SOMETHING SO WONDERFUL TODAY! 💕 Amidst the things that are happening now around the world, we all should be reminded that everything becomes lighter if we put some LOVE in it. Spread positive vibes! Spread love! ❤️” wrote Facebook page Love you so bad.

Though many were impressed by the photos, others just pointed out that this is another form of pareidolia.

Pareidolia is defined as the tendency for people to see certain shapes, patterns, messages, or ‘hidden messages’ in objects such as clouds and other inanimate objects. This is the same perception that makes people believe that Jesus, Mary, or angels appear in patterns of plants or animal fur.

Still, despite knowing this is merely pareidolia, the cloud formations still look impressive and sweet. Most netizens think so, anyway!

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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