Real-life Jollibee and McDonald twins graduate from college

MANILA, Philippines – Real-life ‘Jollibee’ and McDonald’ twins go viral after graduation from college, with people feeling amazed that these two were actually named after rival fast food outlets.

What’s in a name? Well, a name might just be an arbitrary label but depending on what name you have, it could have a big impact in your life. Of course, you can’t pick your name because your parents choose that at birth. That’s why there are parents who specifically pick unique names for their kids, to help them stand out from the rest.

The twins’ unique names went viral after their story was shared on Facebook by proud ‘kuya’, Mark Lester Andrei Cruzet. According to Mark Lester, the twins are the kids of his School Paper Adviser back in his elementary years.

He recalled asking his former teacher, Ma'am Evelyn Pangindian, why her twins were named as ‘Jollibee’ and McDonald’. The teacher narrated that it was actually her husband who picked the names, thinking that these are unique as names for people and that the twins will be easily remembered for their names in what he calls as ‘art of remembering’.

Real-life Jollibee and McDonald twins
Photo credit: Mark Lester Andrei Cruzet / Facebook

Feeling proud that the twins have graduated from college, Mark Lester shared the unique story of their names as he congratulated them on this new milestone in their lives. He revealed that he considers himself as their ‘kuya’ despite not being related by blood.

He became close with the family as they supported him in his studies. Not only did they provide him with financial help, but they also took him in and provided him with shelter after experiencing problems with his family. He wrote on Facebook:

“I am sharing not just the lovable names of this twin but also how lucky to have their family as my second family as well. Mga kapatid na turing ko sa kambal na ito at pangalawang ina sa SPA ko.

Minsan, sa kanila na nila ako pinapatulog lalo na noong napalayas ako sa amin. Tinutulungan kapag may problema lalo na financially. I am grateful dahil alam kong bukod sa sarili kong pamilya, may iba pa akong kikilalaning pamilya sa ibang tahanan. I am blessed beyond measure for finding a family away from our home.

Love ko 'tong family na ito, dahil sa kanila, bida ang saya.”


Yes, you read it right. Jollibee and Mcdonald. Kambal na anak sila ng...
Posted by Mark Lester Andrei Cruzet on Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Netizens were amazed at the twins’ names and the family’s kindness. Congratulations, Jollibee and McDonald Pangindian!

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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