LOOK: Several waterspouts form before nightfall over Laguna de Bay

MANILA, Philippines – Rizzalyn Piñon Celestra, 39, was on a boat bound for home across Laguna de Bay when four waterspouts formed over the lake! All she could do was pray that nothing bad would happen to them as the boat sailed towards Talim Island in Binangonan, Rizal before nightfall.
Several waterspouts form before nightfall over Laguna de Bay

According to Celestra, she took the photos at 6:27 pm. Watching the four waterspouts above the water body was truly scary, particularly because she was on a boat. Thus, Celestra was thankful that they were able to make it across the lake without incident.

She was able to take some photos of the four waterspouts.

Several waterspouts form before nightfall over Laguna de Bay
Photo credit: Rizzalyn Piñon Celestra / Facebook

“Apat pa 'yan nang abutan ko, kinabahan na ako kaya nagdasal na lang ako,” Celestra admitted.

Just like Celestra, there were also a lot of people who spotted the waterspouts over the lake. Fearful but also amazed at the natural phenomenon, many people went out to take videos and photos of the waterspouts.

While most people only spotted three waterspouts, others were able to see four. The fourth one is thin and was blocked from view by the other, much larger waterspouts when viewed from a different angle.

Several posts containing videos and photos of the waterspouts went viral across Facebook and Twitter, with netizens sharing their fear of the waterspouts and praying that it won’t directly affect anyone. It is possible that there might still be some boats out at the lake.

Several waterspouts form before nightfall over Laguna de Bay
Photo courtesy of David Lawrence Yason / via Philippine Star

There were netizens who think the waterspouts were not dangerous at all because these are on water. But waterspouts are actually tornadoes that form over water (or a tornado that moved from land to water). That means that they have the same characteristics as a land tornado! These water tornadoes can also be quite devastating!

Here are some videos shared by netizens from different locations, including Binangonan in Rizal and also in Muntinlupa:

Namataan din mula sa Binangonan, Rizal ang ilang ipuipo sa Laguna de Bay alas-6:15 ngayong Sabado. (📷: Girlie Cadag, Frisco Marquez) | via James Amante, ABS-CBN News
Posted by ABS-CBN News on Saturday, May 30, 2020

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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