VIRAL: 'Bawal magbalot' sign at birthday party draws laughs

MANILA, Philippines – In the Philippines, it has become part of the culture to bring something home after attending a party, whether a birthday celebration, wedding, or just about any occasion wherein people gather to enjoy some food.
VIRAL: 'Bawal magbalot' sign at birthday party draws laughs

But a ‘Bawal Magbalot’ sign was recently spotted at a birthday party. It drew laughs from netizens and quickly went viral! Though many also shared a lot of experiences, either as the person who brought home a ‘balot’ or the party host whose food was packed without permission by the partygoers. Oooops!

Netizens are having a good laugh at the post of Flora Malinay Bayona on her Facebook account. Apparently, she spotted this at a birthday party. The sign read, “Bawal po ang magbalot. Kaunti ang handa.” It was supposedly signed by ‘Sharon Cuneta’, but it was likely just a dummy name so that the real signage maker won’t be known to guests.

VIRAL: 'Bawal magbalot' sign at birthday party draws laughs
Photo credit: Flora Malinay Bayona / Facebook

The sign drew laughs but many netizens also think it was ‘bastos’ and uncalled for. They think that there is a more diplomatic way of telling guests not to get ‘bringhouse’ or ‘balot’ instead of making this sign.

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But many disagree with that thought, commenting that there are really so many inconsiderate guests who simply think of themselves during these special events.

“Hhhmmm, it’s not bastos po. Mas bastos po ung pinakain na’t nabusog na eh magbabalot pa.. Its only Pinoy who [are] so fond of doing it. It’s quite a shameful disease for other cultures around the world.. In any occasion, the priority is to feed and satisfy the guests 🙋‍♀️🎉💕,” netizen Catherine Baisac Dialogo-Thomassen wrote.

“Tama lang. Masamang ugali ng Pinoy ito. Nakikain na nga ay magbalot pa. Pahirap sa kapwa at walang considerasyon sa mga darating pang bisita,” Ofelio Capuchino agreed.

VIRAL: 'Bawal magbalot' sign at birthday party draws laughs
Photo credit: Pixabay

“Lots of folks ignore the fact that other guests (maybe late) still needs to eat! Ano ipapakain sa kanila? Kumain na nga sila tapos maguuwi pa para sa next meal nila or for their family who was not able to attend the party? It’s not right!!! Please don’t do it!😫👍” Miriam Velasco advised.

“Bawal mag balot ang walang regalo😅😅😂,” Michelle De Vera Sipat joked.

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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