Unaired Sarah G interview stopped by Mommy Divine, possibly GGV's finale episode?

MANILA, Philippines – As ABS-CBN star Vice Ganda headlines his new show, “Everybody Sing”, the network has confirmed that there is still one last episode for Gandang Gabi Vice (GGV) to be aired on Sunday, March 1.
Unaired Sarah G interview stopped by Mommy Divine, possibly GGV's finale episode?

Unaired Sarah G interview stopped by Mommy Divine, possibly GGV's finale episode?

And while many expect that this would include the guesting of popular broadcast journalist Raffy Tulfo who posted about taping with the show last week, a lot of netizens are wondering whether the soon-to-be-defunct show will also post the controversial unaired Sarah G interview taped in 2018.

Entertainment columnist Jerry Olea reminded the public about the supposed unaired interview of Sarah Geronimo for GGV back in 2018 as part of the promotions for her film, “Miss Granny”. A lot of fans and the production staff felt bad that the taping wasn’t aired, but everyone got angry after learning that Mommy Divine was the reason why the episode was canceled.

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Fans of James Reid and Sarah, the lead stars of the film, were ecstatic to see their idols taping for Vice Ganda’s late-night Sunday talk show “GGV” in August 2018. Viva Films and GGV’s social media accounts also posted some of the behind-the-scenes photos of the guesting.

Image credits: Twitter / Neil Pacheco
But fans were surprised when the network aired a rerun on the scheduled date of that taping’s airing.

“That GGV episode that will never ever air because of Viva and Mommy Divine. Yes, because of Sarah Geronimo’s mom. Sayang oras nung mga involve sa episode. Hindi man lang na-promote ang Miss Granny. 😠 #MissGrannyPHDay3,” Neil Pacheco wrote on Twitter, sharing some photos from the GGV shoot.

According to fans who were present during the taping, Vice was asking the young stars about their respective relationships and tension was almost palpable as everyone saw Mommy Divine getting angry at the questions. When Vice turned to Sarah to ask about Matteo, her mom reportedly walked out of the taping.

Due to this problem, Sarah was no longer invited as a guest on GGV again. Even when she had other projects, Vice Ganda and the production team avoided the Popstar Princess as a repeat of the 2018 unaired episode might bug the show again.

But with GGV saying goodbye and Sarah being out of Mommy Divine’s overprotective wings now she ‘secretly’ got married to Matteo Guidicelli, fans hope the network will finally air that episode. We’re all excited!

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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