Farmer’s son is Criminology board topnotcher, recalls times of no ‘baon’ and walking barefoot to school

    MANILA, Philippines – The November 2019 Criminology Licensure Exam (CLE) topnotcher is a farmer’s son who fought poverty to achieve his goal.
    Farmer’s son is Criminology board topnotcher, recalls how he didn’t have “baon” while in school

    Farmer’s son is Criminology board topnotcher, recalls how he didn’t have “baon” while in school
    Fahadale Abbas fought through poverty to achieve his goal | Photo Courtesy: Fahadale Abbas

    Fahadale Abbas proved that poverty is not a hindrance in achieving one’s dream in life. Born to a family of farmers, Abbas is just one of the many Filipinos who dreamed of uplifting their family from poverty.

    When he was young, Abbas recalled how his parents hardly had enough to make ends meet. There were many times when he didn’t have any “baon” while in school and his parents couldn’t afford to buy him slippers.

    "During elementary years, I experienced going to school without allowance, slippers, and without food," Abbas shared.

    Farmer’s son is Criminology board topnotcher, recalls how he didn’t have “baon” while in school
    Born to a family of farmers, Abbas dreamed of becoming a policeman to uplift his family from poverty | Photo Courtesy: Fahadale Abbas

    Speaking in Visayan, Abbas continued how life was not easy for him growing up. He shared how he endured walking barefoot to school which was one kilometer away from their house. Abbas also recalled how he would have “kamote” and “saging” for baon just so he won’t go hungry in school. And there were tough times that they only eat twice a day.


    But Abbas’ determination to become a policeman was so strong that he applied and passed a scholarship program. He became one of the scholars of the Davao City government under the Scholarship on Tertiary Education Program (STEP).

    Abbas pursued his college degree in St. John Paul II College of Davao until he graduated. He shared how he worked hard to finish his studies and achieve his dream. He said, “Before I graduated, I just continuously read and study from morning to evening."

    The diligent graduate’s determination paid off as he led the more than 19,000 board passers of the November 2019 Criminology Board Exam with a rating of 91.20.

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    Abbas also shared how his sweet victory was a bit bittersweet as his grandmother passed away while he was still in college. It was his lola who took care of him while he was growing up. He said, “I am very happy with my recent achievement because I worked hard for this, but a part of me is sad because I cannot personally share this news to my Lola. I wanted to give back and pamper her after all what she sacrificed for me but it's too late, she's now in heaven."

    But despite his favorite lola’s absence, Abbas felt grateful for his parents who stood by him as he worked hard to achieve his goals. He said, “I know my parents went through a tough time just to send us to school. I am very grateful because despite all the trials they made sure that we get the education we deserve. I also would want to thank my relatives who supported us when we need them the most.”

    In the end, Abbas shared his hope that more parents and family would be supportive of their children’s dreams no matter how impossible it may seem. He said, “It will really make a difference."

    — Sally, The Summit Express

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