Couple Goals: LET Top 1 shares success with GF who ranks No. 8

MANILA, Philippines – A couple proved they are indeed in "relationship goals" when they both landed in the Top 10 of the September 2019 Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET) - Elementary Level.
Couple Goals: LET Top 1 shares success with GF who ranks No. 8

Joshua Canseco LET Top 1 Elementary
Joshua Canseco is top 1 in the September 2019 LET | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Joshua Canseco

Couple Joshua Canseco and Jullymae Delgado of the Mindanao State University - General Santos City, both finished the LET in flying colors. While Joshua was top 1 (92.60%), his girlfriend Jully earned the top 8 spot (90.20%).


According to Joshua, he and Jully only dreamed of passing the LET but didn't expect to become topnotchers. When they finally learned the results, both Joshua and Jully were overwhelmed with their achievement.

Joshua, who is already working full time as a private school teacher said acing the LET was the realization of his hardwork and determination. He shared how exhausting it was to work the whole day and still review at night time. He admitted he felt like he wasn't giving 100% of himself during the reviews but he still pushed through.

Joshua said, "I was exhausted up to the point that I felt really sorry towards my school for not giving the best out of me, and, at the same time, felt pity for myself for failing to understand every review discussions I paid for."

Jullymae Delgado LET Top 8
Jullymae Delgado lands top 8 in September 2019 LET | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Jullymae Delgado

Even his girlfriend, Jully also faced self-doubts during LET. Joshua shared Jully didn't even look for her name in the list of topnotchers but only thought of passing. When they news came in that both of them were topnotchers, the couple were overwhelmed.

Joshua shared that despite being "irregular students" they still pushed through and worked hard until they both graduated as cum laude.

Joshua also shared how he had used a photo of him and Jully with the caption "BLEPT 2019 Top 1s" since they started their review because, "I believe in the Law of Attraction paired with appropriate actions."

The couple who had been together for two years, shared their success is their "greatest monthsary gift" to each other. They are currently in a long distance relationship since Joshua works as a teacher in Gensan while Jully is in Australia.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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