ALS passer wows after topping September 2019 LET Elementary Level

MANILA, Philippines – An ALS passer recently went viral as she wowed everyone after she topped the September 2019 Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET) - Elementary Level!
Kezia Keren Ambag ALS passer Top 1 LET

Like many other passers of the Alternative Learning System Accreditation and Equivalency (ALS A&E) Test, Kezia Keren Ambag was not able to go through all the years and levels of basic education. But she managed to wow everyone as she excelled in college and later topping the LET.

After passing the ALS, Kezia enrolled at the Philippine Normal University – Mindanao located in Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur, to complete Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd). Despite not going through the formal school system like everyone else, Kezia was able to not just catch up but surpass many of her peers! She graduated from college as Magna Cum Laude, the second highest honor that a college graduate could ever receive.

Kezia Keren Ambag ALS passer Top 1 LET
Photo credit: Kezia Keren Ambag / Facebook

Just like many graduates, Kezia and her classmates enrolled in a review center to prepare for the LET. In the days leading to the release of the exam results, Kezia admits that she had a hard time sleeping. But on Sunday, after the results were finally released, she was able to sleep well.

And sleep well she easily could! After all, she topped the exams, sharing the top spot with two other examinees. They all got a score of 92.60%.

Kezia Keren Ambag ALS passer Top 1 LET
Photo credit: Kezia Keren Ambag / Facebook

Mercedes Arzadon, Assistant Professor at UP College of Education, happily shared the good news of Kezia’s success after she was informed by Kier Suello Calunsag that the young lady is an ALS passer.

“Congrats to ALS-A&E passer (2013) Kezia Keren Ambag who topped (#1) the latest LET also PNU-Mindanao Cum Laude.... The ALS community is proud of you and other ALS grads who recently passed the LET #saALSmayPagasa,” Arzadon posted on Facebook.


Previously known as the Non-formal Education A&E Test, ALS is a paper and pencil test used by the Department of Education (DepEd) to measure the competencies of those who have neither attended nor finished elementary or secondary education in the formal school system. If they pass the test, they are able to enroll in a higher level of education as if they had completed their formal education.

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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