House helper graduates magna cum laude

Around March of each year, a lot of young people often go viral for their inspiring graduation stories. One of these is Grace Labrador Bacus of Talisay City in the province of Cebu, Philippines.
House helper graduates magna cum laude Cebu

At 30, she is not your typical college graduate – and, indeed, she isn’t! She was a house helper and nanny who would inspire many netizens after she graduated magna cum laude from the course of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English at Talisay City College in her hometown.

The third of nine kids, she was already a responsible child who thought about the welfare of her siblings and parents over her own. Knowing her parents could not afford to send everyone to school, she found a job as a house helper and nanny to help augment the family’s income as well as fund her education.

House helper graduates magna cum laude Cebu
Photo credit: Grace Labrador Bacus / Facebook

During her high school years, she had a difficult time juggling her hours in school and taking care of her younger siblings. She recalled how a teacher put her down and told her she should quit school because being a nanny does not really require someone to have an education.

“Yes, word for word I could still hear you say that. It was engraved in my heart. That the person I expected to understand me was the same person who broke me to pieces for she was supposedly my ADVISER, my second parent. I promised to myself I will never treat my students the same way as I was treated back then,” Grace shared.

After she finished high school, she became a house helper and would go on to work for 10 years to support her siblings and send them to school. She didn’t want them to experience the difficult life she had.


To augment her income, she became a dressmaker and would accept orders for uniforms, costumes, bedsheets, and various items.

While trying to find a job abroad to better help her family, she was told that she needed at least 72 units in college to do that; thus, she enrolled with the goal of reaching the requirement. But she excelled in her studies, leading her parents and professors to encourage her to continue earning her degree.

House helper graduates magna cum laude Cebu
Photo credit: Grace Labrador Bacus / Facebook

“I always gave it my best shot so I was a consistent number 1 dean’s lister since first year,” Grace shared. “There were a lot of sleepless nights, reading, studying and sometimes crying.”

All her hard work and sacrifices paid off. At age 30, Grace was finally able to finish her degree – and with flying colors at that: Magna Cum Laude!

She made the right choice. Not only is her story an inspiration to many, she would surely be an inspiring teacher to her students…

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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