McDonald’s service crew inspires with success story, graduates Magna Cum Laude

MANILA, Philippines – A McDonald’s service crew went viral after graduating Magna Cum Laude from her course of Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the University of San Jose Recoletos in Cebu City. Many netizens could not help but admire this young lady for her determination.
McDonald’s service crew inspires with success story

What’s the best formula for success? Many would say that hard work and determination would bring success, plus lots and lots of time to study while remaining focused on your goal.

UPDATE: Viral service crew who graduated magna cum laude, now proud to be part of PH Army

For 20-year-old Cherry Mae Toledo, that’s exactly what she did – sans the time to study, because she had to work at night as a service crew at McDonald’s to support herself.

Cherry grew up in a broken family. With her father in jail, their mother also left home and found a new family, leaving Cherry and her now 18-year-old brother in the care of their paternal grandmother.

Growing up poor, Cherry and her brother did not receive support from their parents. While they were sent to school by an aunt, the latter would later find it difficult to support the kids as she also had a family of her own to feed.

McDonald’s service crew inspires with success story
Photo credit: Cherry Mae Toledo / Facebook

Thankfully, Cherry is a smart girl who would receive full scholarship from Aboitiz. The scholarship covered not just her tuition fees and miscellaneous fees but also her books. However, she still had to find money to pay for her boarding house, fare, food, and other school needs.

With a strong drive to finish college, Cherry applied for a job as service crew at McDonald’s. She was hired and allowed to work the 6PM shift that ends at 12 midnight or 1AM, so she can spend the day in school.

After a busy day at her shift, she goes home and gets some rest, squeezing in some time to study, before getting up early and starting her day in school at 7AM. Her class schedules often end at 4PM to give her time to prepare for her evening shift at the fast food outlet, but she still managed to have time for extra-curricular activities.

Despite having a very busy schedule, Cherry managed to keep her grades up. Amazingly, she graduated Magna Cum Laude even though she didn’t have a lot of time to study because she was also busy at her job.

“Uniforms signify the different roles we play in our community. Sometimes, we wear our school uniforms, occasionally, our intern attires, and in the future, our professional suits. Apparently, in this post, I am wearing my service crew uniform. This is the role I want to show. It’s what I am proud of. This brought more meaning to what I am now and what I have achieved,” she wrote in an inspiring post on Facebook.

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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