Graduate allegedly disqualified from making graduation speech because she’s a transferee

A student recently went viral after she was disqualified from making the traditional graduation speech the valedictorian makes during the Graduation Day even if she had the highest general weighted average (GWA) because she’s a transferee.
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A graduate named Kath (full name withheld for privacy reasons) shared on her Facebook page how she felt devastated that she would not be allowed to make the graduation speech, especially because she had expected she is going to be the one to do it since she had the highest GWA.

It turned out she won’t be the one to make the supposedly inspiring valedictory address because she’s a transferee. She’s studying Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English in Paete, Laguna.

Under the school’s rules, transferees are not considered for the graduation speech – and this hurt Kath a lot, especially because she had sacrificed a lot in school just so she could get all those high grades.

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Ako raw may HIGHEST GWA...pero bakit nga hindi ako?

You would go delivering your speech in front of everyone knowing na hindi naman ikaw yung may pinakamataas na GWA and someone deserves it MORE than para saan pa yung speech? How is she able to inspire everyone how she made it to the top kung hindi nga sya yung nasa top? Isn't it UNFAIR?

Sa nagsasabi na dahil lang dito, ang O.A ko, you can say what you want. But I DESERVE IT MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE BECAUSE I WORKED HARD FOR IT.

Sabi nyo, INVESTMENT ang pag-aaral diba?


Sa nangyari, nakakawalang gana na.

A TRANSFEREE would not be motivated na magpursigi dahil wala nang chance. You just crushed someone's dream.


She also explained that she had worked so hard in her studies that there were times when she was not able to sleep or eat properly. There were many times she had to go extra early to school so she would not be late in any of her classes.

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For her hard work, she even received a grade of 99.68% in her thesis. Yet even with the highest GWA, her dream of giving the graduation speech did not come true, just because she’s a transferee.

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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