Nadine Lustre hyped about her latest entertainment buddy

MANILA, Philippines – What hasn’t Nadine Lustre achieved? The multi-hyphenate is clearly at her peak, successfully working on one project after another, everything from movies to makeup. Who can forget how she became the face of four major local fashion magazines in the same month?

Nadine Lustre hyped about her latest entertainment buddy
The multi-talented actress shares her thrilling discovery

Despite the jam-packed schedule that pushed the star to new heights, the hard-working actress still makes time to enjoy one of her biggest hobbies: watching movies. “I’m always looking for something new to watch,” she shares. Fans may be surprised to know that Nadine also enjoys gaming—a hobby she and on and off-screen partner, James Reid, share.

Today, the artist takes up a project closer to the hobbies she enjoys. Clearly excited, Nadine shares how she can now get next level entertainment when watching her favorite movies and shows in between breaks at work. Spotted with a new device in hand, the star spoke about one that has her completely immersed in entertainment. "I can get lost in my favorite movies, music, and games, no matter where I am or what I’m doing," she says animatedly.

Eager to know about Nadine’s discovery? Watch out for it this June!

— The Summit Express

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