Samsung unveils its digital appliances lineup for 2018

MANILA, Philippines – Tech giant Samsung officially unveiled locally its lineup of digital appliances for this year in an event at McKinley Cyberpark, Science Hub, Bonifacio Global City in Taguig on Wednesday, May 23.
Samsung Home appliances

The revolutionary products showcase innovative features, which give balance and more quality time for today’s hard-working parents and millennials. This includes the Twin Cooling Refrigerator, Wind Free Air Conditioner, Smart Washing Machine with EcoBubble tech and Smart Oven that can do almost everything in your cooking needs.

AddWash Washing Machine

Built to make laundry day a breeze, the machine’s secondary door allows users to add more clothes or detergent in the middle of a cycle. It ensures effective and efficient cleaning via the Ecobubble Technology. This generates powerful cleansing bubbles that penetrate clothes 40 times faster than plain soap and water. The Super Speed Option cuts washing time to just 59 minutes without compromising rinsing quality.

Samsung AddWash Washing Machine
The Samsung AddWash Front Load Washing Machine, 16kg Wash, 9.0kg Dry (WD16J7800KS); PHP 79,995.

Twin Cooling Refrigerator

This refrigerator uses the world’s first Twin Cooling System. It utilizes two separate evaporators to keep the interiors cool without mixing odors from the freezer. This allows stored items to retain their original flavor. The technology also helps retain up to 70% humidity, providing an adequate amount of cool air to make food stay fresh for up to 2 times longer. This means less wastage, fewer trips to the grocery, and more quality time with loved ones.

The appliance also comes with Smart Conversion, allowing users to adjust their freezer-fridge configuration depending on their energy and storage needs. Its Digital Inverter Technology protects it from getting damaged by power surges and helps users cut down on power costs.

Twin Cooling Refrigerator
The Samsung Twin Cooling Refrigerator, Top Mount, 17.8 cu.ft (RT50K6351BS); PHP 48,995

Smart Oven

This multi-purpose device is packed with features that enable families to prepare healthy dishes with a push of a button. Its Hot Blast™ technology blows hot air onto food via multiple air-holes, ensuring quick and evenly-cooked meals. The revolutionary Slim Fry Technology allows users to thoroughly cook meat and vegetables with only a touch of oil.

For convenient preparation, the Smart Oven comes with 15 pre-set Cook with Ease menus. It also lets you bake your own bread, create homemade yogurt, and grill your own steak.

Smart Oven
The Samsung Smart Oven, 35L (MC35J8088LT); PHP 32,995

Wind-Free™ Air Conditioner

This air cooling unit utilizes multiple micro-holes to evenly and silently distribute cool air within any room. It eliminates the unpleasant feeling of a direct blow and isolated cold spots. With its Digital 8-pole Inverter Technology, you can save up on energy consumption by up to 72%. You can look forward to quality family time in a comfortable environment all day, without worrying about additional costs and disturbance.

Wind-Free™ Air Conditioner
The Samsung Wind-Free Air Conditioner, 2.5HP (AR24NVPXAWKNTC); PHP 66,995

New products are now available in authorized Samsung dealers nationwide. For more information, visit Samsung's website.

— The Summit Express

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