Nokia 3310 reportedly making a comeback

Dubbed as Nokia’s virtually indestructible handset, the iconic Nokia 3310 is reportedly set to make a comeback later this month, according to a report by

Nokia 3310 reportedly making a comeback
Nokia, the former king of mobile phones, will be releasing four new phones at the Mobile World Congress on February 26. While the 5.5-inch Android Nougat powered Nokia 6 is projected to be the flagship phone of Nokia, a “new incarnation” of Nokia 3310 will be among the other three handsets to be unveiled. Other handsets tipped to be announced include an entry-level Nokia 3 and a mid-tier Nokia 5.

According to the report, the revamped Nokia will be sold at approximately P3,100. The product will target consumers looking for a second hand or emergency phone.

Launched in 2000, the iconic brick-style device is best known for its sturdy design and incredible battery life that can last 55 hours on standby. It features a monochrome screen, customizable snap on covers, screensavers, vibration, ability to compose text messages that exceed the SMS character limit as well as the widely popular Snake game.

Once the world’s biggest mobile phone manufacturer, Nokia has experienced market share decline steadily after the debut of the Apple iPhone in 2007. Touchscreen smartphones eventually replaced Nokia’s keyboard-equipped mobile phones.

Nokia tried to catchup by releasing Windows-powered Lumia handsets. However, it failed to regain market shares.

Microsoft eventually acquired the Finnish firm’s devices division in 2014 for $7.17 billion. Following the acquisition, the company announced 7,800 jobs will be axed and $7.6 billion written off.

Finnish manufacturer HMD Global Oy was soon granted a ten-year license to sell Nokia-branded phones and tablets. According to HMD, it will invest $500 million over the next three years to resurrect Nokia’s failing business.

HMD is yet to confirm reports of a 3310 comeback.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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