‘My Ex and Whys’ Movie Review: Love is the only DAHIL you need

Do people deserve a second chance in relationship? If so what ensures to be given a second chance, provided that they have learnt from the past mistakes?

Liza Soberano My Ex and Whys
Photo from My Ex and Whys Official trailer
“My Ex and Whys” delves into enigmatic depth of questions of a pained call center agent and a part-time travel blogger, Cali Ferrer (Liza Soberano) after being drunkenly cheated by her drummer boyfriend Gio Martinez (Enrique Gil). It’s all bitterness and heartaches at the start, with Cali and Gio’s eyes all aglow over their social media war goes viral.

Cali’s Twitter account @TheBakitList sets the tone of a broken-hearted woman who questions why people still choose to love even after heartache. Gio then found out the person behind this rising twitter account, creates his @DahilListBoy to counter react to every rants. This oh-so-familiar situation hooks the two together with an offer as an online ambassador of a newly opened travel agency.

The film bares all the possible kilig horrors of a courting “again” relationship. How to win the trust at second time? Does that sound sensitive? You can at least acknowledge the film as a reminder to what extent will you give-in to love again.

Liza Soberano My Ex and Whys
Photo from My Ex and Whys Official trailer
Devastating lines were thrown to each other when Gio learned that Cali sets up hilarious things just to reveal that he isn’t as good as what the netizens thought. Your heart breaks when Enrique’s voice croaks in utter desperation. You want to wipe the tears from that pretty face when a hurt Liza dropped the line, “Am I not enough? Panget ba ako? Kapalit-palit ba ako? … Then why?”

Light moments came when Lee (Ryan Bang) and the ex-couple arrived in Korea to help find Lee’s fiancee and bring her back in time for the wedding ceremony. Lee is their friend since college who sponsored them to Korea to attend to his matrimony. Cali and Gio shared re-claimed kilig moments and rediscover their attraction for each other while in Nami Island. Still as guarded, Cali refused to give in.

Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil My Ex and Whys
Photo from My Ex and Whys Official trailer
The story ended as Cali was about to launch her ‘The Bakit List Book’ but instead took the opportunity to apologize publicly to Gio for the humiliation brought by some video from stag party of Lee. Meanwhile, Gio had given opportunity to work as an IT in Korea and was about to fly. Through a live video feed, Cali received a comment where exactly Gio was stucked in traffic.

The charm of LizQuen only proves that the sparks of their tandem is still there along the maturity from having conservative roles in previous years. Blame Star Cinema for producing a film so clever and on point that it pinches our hearts, but at least it has the courage to make us arrive at some life changing decisions, ones that allows us to return to what was left on us.

WATCH: ‘My Ex and Whys’ official trailer

--M, The Summit Express

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