Viral post about a man who allegedly bought wilted flowers for P100 earns mixed reactions

MANILA, Philippines - A Valentine’s day story about a man who reportedly purchased wilted flowers for P100 has stirred controversy among netizens after a certain Giulia Singson Zahar shared it on Facebook.

Viral post about a man who allegedly bought wilted flowers for P100
PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Giulia Singson Zahar
The controversial post showed two photos of the unnamed man and the heart wrenching story behind it. As of this writing, the post has amassed over 94,000 reactions and more than 21,000 shares.

According to Zahar, he noticed a Wilcon salesman looking for the most affordable flower for his budget. Zahar claimed that the saleslady offered 4 wilted roses that cost P100.

After minutes of contemplation, the man finally decided to buy the flowers.

In her post, Zahar also noted that the man was the last to be served.

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Disappointed by what she witnessed, Zahar questioned why the sales lady offered the man “ready-to-dispose” flowers and sold them for P100.

“Why couldn't he have the right to a new batch of roses? Why couldnt the owner let one customer go and forget for a moment she was trying to make another 100 bucks from wiltered flowers from this customer who only tried make his other one feel special the way every guy tried today?” Zahar wrote in her post.

Moreover, Zahar believes that the man was served last and did not receive the same respect given to other customers wearing “polo shirts”.

“It was only a 100 bucks, but I saw the hesitation in him. It was all relative. For him it was 100, for others that those Valentine flowers could have been a good 4,000. But his hundred could have been for that bus ride, that jeepney ride, and one meal for the day. Just got me thinking what those who have so little would do for the people they love for jacked up over-priced flowers, another money making scheme day such as Valentines,” Zahar added.

While many netizens commended the man for the sacrifices he made in order to buy and give that flower, others pointed out that Zahar only showed one side of the story.

“Most of the people now are pitying or appreciating kuya without knowing the story of the flower shop and the sales lady na may binubuhay din pamilya. We shouldn’t be one-sided,” Dante Navarro Jr. wrote.

Some even believe that Zahar’s story was fabricated as the story was too detailed for a mere observer.

Furthermore, some netizens said that Zahar could have simply stepped up and helped the man after she witnessed such “inequality”.

“Eh di sana ikaw na bumili ng flowers for him. I don't mean that sarcastically. If you truly feel sad for that person, then approach and offer to buy him better flowers. What's the pity/empathy for if you just feel it but don't do something about it? Society will always be unequal (economically, it makes sense)... but those who are able should be ABLE to assist when they feel ... "disappointed" about the inequality,” a certain Nina Rada commented.

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--Mini, The Summit Express

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