TheSummitExpress Logo Making Contest Winner announced


On Sunday, October 6, 2013 marks another milestone for as it launched its new logo (on website and social media accounts - Facebook and Twitter). Winner for the logo-making contest already announced - thanks to all professional logo designers who had joined.

TheSummitExpress Official Logo

Wilmir Nicanor, the blogger behind wins the prize of P3,000 and two (2) P100 each coupon codes. The winning logo represents the simple and minimalist appeal of social media with the desired professional image of the site.

" The creator used white, gray, black and shades of blue for the favicon and backdrop. These colors are carefully selected and balanced such that it will fit the overall look and template of the site while maintaining its professional design. The minimalist-type favicon displays the main initials of the site, S (summit) and E (express) , both represented by the shape formed by three bars. Overlaid in these bars, are transparent curves which do not only add gloss to the icon but also represent “express” and “impeccable” news conveyance. The lowest bar is partnered with a sharp pointed tail, which aids in crafting the overall stylish and sensible look of dialogue or expression in the logo.", the contest winner said. logo making contest runs from August 10, 2013 to September 27, 2013. The aim is to have a professionally-designed logo to strengthen identity in the blogging business.

Here are the top entries for Logo-Making Contest:

1. Logo Design by Wilmir Nicanor

wilmir nicanor- TheSummitExpress Logo making contest 2013

2. Logo Design by Ray Harold Acebo

Ray Harold Acebo TheSummitExpress Logo making contest 2013

" The logo depicts the symbol SE that is stands for Summit Express. The color that has been used is based on the theme of the site itself. At the lower part, below the E symbol are lines, represents the typography which is common to a blog sites. The whole structure, has been italized for it represent the up and running characterestic of a news blog which features only the relevant information in the fields of entertainment, technology, politics, sports, education, business and social media." - Harold

3. Logo Design by Alyssa Denise D. Sales
Alyssa Denise Sales TheSummitExpress Logo making contest 2013
"First, I made the S capable of standing alone as an icon image. I created small mountain icons to offset the serious font I used. This way, the logo looks both fun and reliable, the two main qualities of The Summit Express as a news portal. Then I used muter versions of the colors so that it will still blend with the website’s main design without being too bright. All in all, the logo has a modern and updated look to it." - Denise

4. Logo Design by Karmina C. de Jesus

Karmina de Jesus TheSummitExpress Logo making contest 2013

"The polygon behind the letter "S" emphasizes The Summit Express' independent logo. The polygon symbolizes a pie chart in which the (3) triangles show partitions of the pie. It would greatly be related to business that's why I used it. I also emphasized the letter "x" to show the quick response of your site in delivering relevant news. The fonts I used are to embody being bold and reliable towards readers.The concept behind my logo is that The Summit express is fast, reliable and informative."  - Kaymie

In the event we've decided to change the current logo and use any logo from the above top entries (except the winning logo), will advise the designer for the appreciation, permission, terms and conditions that may apply.

Again, thank you very much to all who had shared their talent and made this contest possible and successful.

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