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Magnitude 4.6 earthquake jolts parts of Davao; injures 2

DAVAO CITY, Philippines - Parts of southern Mindanao were struck by a magnitude 4.6 earthquake in the morning of Thursday, February 23. At least two people sustained injuries from the incident.

Magnitude 4.6 earthquake jolts parts of Davao; injures 2

According to the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs), the tectonic earthquake struck at around 9:50 am and its epicentre was found to be some 9 kilometres northwest Davao City at a depth of 15kms. Phivocs explained that quakes of such magnitude and depth are not expected to cause damage.

However, two women were hurt after an old waiting shed located in front of Teodoro Palma Gil Elementary School along Quirino Avenue in Davao City collapsed during the earthquake. ABS-CBN correspondent Francis Magbanua shared a video showing a Rescue 911 personnel assisting an injured woman.

It was reported that the quake was felt at Intensity IV in Davao City.

Meanwhile, a Magnitude 4.2 quake also hit Montevista, Compostela Valley at 9:50 am. The quake was also felt in Davao del Norte provinces as well as Tagum and Panabo cities.

Just a few weeks ago, 6 died while more than 100 others were injured after a Magnitude 6.8 earthquake shook Surigao City.

The quake, which affected at least 11 towns, damaged the provincial capitol, two major bridges and other infrastructures in the city. Surigao del Norte Governor Sol Matugas quickly declared a state of calamity in Surigao City.

Phivolcs director Renato Solidum explained that Eastern Mindanao, which includes Surigao del Norte, is considered a seismically active area in the Philippines due to two earthquake generators- the Philippine Fault and Philippine trench. Moreover, there are other local faults in the area which can be possible sources of small-to-large-magnitude earthquake.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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Subic’s Ocean Adventure taken over by 70 armed men

MANILA, Philippines - Since February 13, Ocean Adventure theme park in Subic bay has been occupied by some 70 armed men preventing employees from entering, according to Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority Chairman Martin Diño.

Subic’s Ocean Adventure taken over by 70 armed men
A report by ABS-CBN News revealed that a group of former investors headed by Scott Niel Sharpe is responsible for the takeover. The said group overpowered security personnel and took control of Ocean Adventure.

The group forcefully evicted women from the staff dormitory, broke down several doors, opened vaults and demanded food and drinks. Ten people sustained injuries in the takeover.

In a statement Robert C. Braun, chairman of the Board of Directors of Subic Bay Marine Exploratorium, Inc. (SBMEI) which operates Ocean Adventure said:

“We have come under attack by nearly 70 armed mercenaries, who came in the night, first abusing and evicting the women from the staff dormitory, displacing security… they broke down doors, forced open a vault and coerced scared staff to attend to their demands… nothing about this is other than thuggery.”

Following the physical take over, the group called for a “majority shareholders” meeting where Sharpe was appointed as Chairman and Braun as Vice Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), reports Subic Bay News.

Meanwhile, Diño said that they are coordinating with authorities and police in order to reclaim the area from the group “anytime this week”.

"Full coordination na kami ngayon sa kapulisan at lahat ng authority para ma-takeover kasi that's a continuing threat, 'yang nangyayari d’yan,” Diño said.

Diño said they will not intrude if they have a business dispute but the group’s forceful entry without a court order is a grave violation.

"Kung halimbawa pong may dispute sila sa negosyo, hindi po tayo manghimasok doon, pero iyung manner po ng ginawa nila na pagpasok d'yan sa Ocean Adventure, iyung pamamaraan, pumasok sila d'yan nang walang court order, walang sheriff, isa po iyang grave violation,” Diño said.

Moreover, Diño is questioning as to why SBMA security with 800 security personnel failed to stop the 70 armed men.

"Biro n'yo security namin dito, nasa 800 tapos walang nagawa, e 70 lang iyan. Mananagot po lahat ng nagkulang dito," Diño added.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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VACANCY: Feature/Trending News Writer

MANILA, Philippines -, a reliable Philippine news portal is growing and with this comes the desire to look for a feature/trending news writer who has the ability to spot and create trend on social media.

The Summit Express Now Hiring: Feature/Trending News Writer

As a writer, expertise should focus on writing original stories/features and trending news or posts on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube). The writer must be social media or tech savvy and knows various social media platforms, has good writing skills and enthusiasm to deliver the freshest stories ahead of the competition.

The writer should have basic background on search engine optimization (SEO), knows the nature of blogging, basic HTML coding, photoshop or any image editing app or software, and willing to contribute report in any time of the day.

1. This is part-time job only and you will work from the comfort of your home.
2. Knowledge on writing about politics, entertainment or sports is a plus.

Are you the one we're looking for? Interested applicants may send their resume and sample writing/s to

Use "TRENDING NEWS WRITER: "Your Name" as subject of email.

As a writer, you will also get the opportunity to attend product launch (if Metro Manila resident), press conference and various events. Through media invites, you will enjoy lots of freebies, be the first to know about new product or announcement, VIP treatment and even see your favorite stars.

In case you just want to contribute or share your talent with us by sending tip or story, visit this page.

Join us as we continue to deliver the best stories, trending news and breaking reports for the Filipinos worldwide.

The Summit Express which has been online since 2012 maintains its status as one of the leading news blogs in the Philippines. As of press time, the website has garnered over 82 million views since its launch. On Facebook, we have a growing community of around 176,000 followers.

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LOOK: Artist with rare bone disease turns ballpen’s ink into masterpiece art

MANILA, Philippines- A 37-year-old Kapampangan artist born with rare bone disease has earned praises from netizens for creating an incredible portrait of world famous tattoo artist Apo Whang Od using only colored ballpoint pens.

Artist with rare bone disease turns ballpen’s ink into masterpiece art
PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Erwin V. Dayrit
Born with brittle bone disease, Erwin “Weng” Dayrit is short in stature and has barrel shaped rib cage causing him to be confined in a wheelchair. Despite the physical difficulties of his condition, Dayrit managed to pursue his dream of becoming an artist.

Through determination and hard work and with the help of his family, Dayrit finished his Drafting Course at Don Honorio Ventura State University. Immediately after graduation, Dayrit and some of his friends from the university launched an Arts and Sign business. This gave him the opportunity to hone his skills and knowledge as an artist.

It didn’t take a long time before people started recognizing Dayrit’s incredible talent. Aside from being awarded as one of the Outstanding Fernandino for San Fernando City, Pampanga in 2011, he competed in various provincial and national competitions and was even featured in local media TV stations. He is also a recipient of an award from the Bahay Kubo ng Sining Foundation, Inc.

Currently, he serves as a mentor at GUHIT Pinas, a Facebook art community. Several artists also follow his Facebook page.

“Erwin is determined to prove that his condition will not prevent him from doing the things he enjoys most. Being disabled is not a choice but being happy to fulfill dreams is!” Dayrit’s sister Zorina told Filipino Artists Magazine.

Also known as osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) or “imperfectly formed bone”, brittle bone disease occurs in about one in 20,000 persons. It is a disorder that results in fragile bones that break easily and is usually present at birth.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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IN PHOTOS: Happier times of real-life couple behind trending MMK episode

MANILA, Philippine - The longest-running drama anthology series in Asia, Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK), has once again sent its viewers crying with its post Valentine episode titled “Love Me Now,” that starred Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia.

MMK John and Aika

The tear-jerking episode aired on Saturday, February 18, tackled the story of young couple John and Aika, who learned what unconditional and endless love means at an early age. Aika, who was suffering from leukemia, tried to push John away knowing that her life could end any time soon. However, this didn’t stop John from fighting for his lover for her until tragedy struck. In a twist of fate, John’s life was cut short in an accident, while Aika managed to survive and finish her treatment.

Indeed, the bittersweet story of John and Aika touched the hearts of netizens and quickly became a trending topic on various social media outlets.

Shortly after the trending MMK episode was aired, more information like photos and videos of the real-life couple surfaced online. Popular Facebook page Filipino Vines shared a slideshow of the couple’s photos and videos during happier times.

With nearly 1 million views, the clip created by a certain Ara Dellosa amassed over 42,000 reactions and nearly 12,000 shares since it was shared on Monday, February 20.

Several netizens can’t help but express their sadness over the short-lived romance of the lovers seemingly destined for each others.

Roselle Mercurio wrote in the comments’ section of the viral Facebook post: “Nakakaiyak kc silang dalawa tunay na nagmamahalan. Pure clean ang hangarin nila pareho kaya nakakatuwa nakakapanghinayang nakakalungkot kc ikli ng buhay. Bakit sya pa. Sana iba na lang. Pra pareho pa sana sila happy together. Kaya lang everything happens for a reason. It hurts so badly and sometimes we dont really understand why. Only God knows everything.”

“Mahirap pag natagpuan muna yung taong magmamahal sayo ng tapat..mawawala lang din pala....kaya habang kasama mo pa ang taong mahal mo ibigay muna ang lahat...para pagdating ng panahon wala kng pagsisisihan....hndi masama magmahal ng sobra kung sa katulad lang ni john,” Riccash Besid wrote.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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LOOK: World’s first rotating skyscraper to be built in Dubai

Dubai may soon be adding a new man-made wonder to its long list of attractions.

After introducing to the world the planet’s largest man-made island, tallest building and biggest shopping mall, Dubai may soon be home to the world’s first rotating skyscraper.

World’s first rotating skyscraper to be built in Dubai
PHOTO CREDIT: Screengrab from YouTube video/courtesy Dynamic Architecture
Dynamic Tower, which is the brainchild of architect David Fisher of Dynamic Architecture, will be an 80-storey, 1273-foot tower with floors that can rotate 360 degrees in both directions. The rotating, shape-shifting tower will be built in four dimensions and will constantly change shape.

Israeli-Italian architect David Fisher told Your Discover Science: “It will never look the same. The floor is rotating very smoothly. You don’t hear anything.”

Fisher, who got the idea for the one-of-a-kind tower while staring out of the Olympic Tower in New York, first introduced his idea back in 2008. However, his proposal never materialized.

Dynamic Architecture is hoping that the unique tower will debut Dubai’s skyline by 2020.

World’s first rotating skyscraper in Dubai
PHOTO CREDIT: Screengrab from YouTube video/courtesy Dynamic Architecture
Aside from the building’s rotating floors, the tower will utilize voice-activated technology that would allow residents to rotate their apartments just by speaking. The tower’s energy will be produced by about 79 wind turbines located horizontally between the floors and solar panels placed on the roof.

Residents can transport their car to their floor and park it next to their apartment by using a special elevator built inside the central concrete core.

It will be the world’s first pre-fabricated skyscraper in which individual units will be built off-site. Floors, made of steel, aluminium and carbon fiber materials will be assembled at a factory and then later attached to the tower.

World’s first rotating skyscraper in Dubai
PHOTO CREDIT: Screengrab from YouTube video/courtesy Dynamic Architecture
According to Dynamic Architecture, you need to prepare around $4 million to $40 million if you want to own an individual apartment from the project.

Fisher is hoping that Dynamic Tower will inspire architects to design buildings that adjust to life.

"An architect should design buildings that adjust to life. They should adapt to our space, our functionalities and our needs that change continuously -- and even to our sense of beauty, itself in continuous motion,” Fisher said.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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Top 10 Highest-paying Jobs in the Philippines 2017

MANILA, Philippines - Recruitment website has released on Wednesday, February 22 its 2017 Salary Report which revealed the highest paying jobs for various levels in the Philippines.

Top 10 Highest-paying Jobs in the Philippines 2017
Despite the threat of US President Donald Trump on call center and BPO’s in the country, employees in the information technology (IT) sector proved to be the highest paid both in supervisory and junior executive positions at P68,723 and P37,034, respectively.

Jobs in the IT field include software developer, web developer and systems administrator.

Managers in the field of Corporate strategy earned the highest monthly salary at P125, 976. It was significantly higher compared to the salary of managers in the IT field, which earned the highest monthly salary in 2016 at P86,550.

Meanwhile, employees in the customer service and technical help desk are the most in demand this year.

Here’s a list of the highest-paying jobs in the Philippines for 2017.

The top 10 highest-paying jobs/industries for Managers/ Assistant Managers are:

1. Corporate strategy (P125,976)
2. IT-related (P91,100)
3. Actuarial science/Statistics (P81,799)
4. Quality control/Assurance (P80,828)
5. Customer service (P80,810)
6. Training and development (P77,877)
7. Public relations/Communications (P77,219)
8. Banking/Financial services (P74,837)
9. Human resources (72,686)
10. Law/legal (P67,402)

The top 10 highest-paying jobs/industries for supervisors (5 to 10 years job experience) are:

1. IT-related -P68,723
2. Actuarial science/Statistics -P65,741
3. Law/legal -P48,014
4. Journalist/Editor -P40,704
5. Banking/Financial -P39,857
6. Arts/Creative/Graphic design -P37,379
7. Quality control/Assurance -P37,242
8. Training and development -P36,443
9. Quality surveying -P36,203
10. Advertising/Media planning -P35,791

The top 10 highest-paying jobs/industries for junior executives (1-5 years job experience) are:

1. IT-related -P37,034
2. Law/legal -P29,430
3. Training and development -P27,253
4. Banking/Financial -P27,188
5. Actuarial science/Statistics -P27,064
6. Public relations/Communications -P26,948
7. Healthcare-P26,655
8. Journalist/Editor -P26,542
9. Customer service -P24,755
10. Advertising/Media planning -P24,314

Jobstreet Salary Report 2017

In terms of job trends, 38% of the 6 million Jobstreet candidates were in the BPO industry, while 3% were in retail and 2.8% were in manufacturing.

The report also revealed that middle management employees get the most guaranteed bonuses or bonuses which are agreed on through a contract aside from the 13th month pay. On the other hand, staff level employees receive the most non-guaranteed bonuses.

Industries that give the most guaranteed bonuses include retailing, consumer durables and apparel and insurance. Meanwhile, transportation/logistics, consumer durables and apparel as well as materials/construction industry provide the most non-guaranteed bonuses.


--Mini, The Summit Express

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Here’s the surprising reason why you should stop chewing gum

For thousands of years, people have chewed all sorts of gums from paraffin wax and tree resin to Juicy Fruit. Several studies claimed that chewing gum can boost your mood, reduce stress levels and increase alertness. However, a new study concluded that chewing gum is actually bad for your health.

surprising reason why you should stop chewing gum

Based on the findings of a study carried out by researchers at Binghamton University, long-term exposure to a food additive found in chewing gums makes the body prone to infections.

The popular food additive known as titanium oxide or E171 causes damage to cell structures inside the intestines. As a result, it makes a person more susceptible to harmful bacteria that thrives in the digestive system and prevents certain nutrients from being absorbed by the body.

To arrive at this conclusion, researchers subjected a small intestinal cell model to equivalent of a meal’s worth of titanium oxide nanoparticles for more than four hours. For chronic exposure, they used the same model and subjected with three meal’s worth for five days.

The results of the study published in the journal NanoImpact showed that chronic exposure to titanium oxide had a negative effect on the intestinal cells called microvilli. They discovered that microvilli, which help absorb nutrients, weakened and had difficulty in absorbing iron, zinc and fatty acids.

Moreover, the study also found that the body’s ability to break food down turned out to be worse after chronic exposure to titanium oxide.

“To avoid foods rich in titanium oxide nanoparticles you should avoid processed foods, and especially candy. That is where you see a lot of nanoparticles.,” Professor Mahler said.

Titanium oxide, which is commonly used for white pigmentation in paints, plastics and papers, can enter the digestive system through toothpastes, donuts, skimmed milks as well as chocolates.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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