Song lyrics, pageant craze top Philippines’ 2017 Year in Search

MANILA, Philippines - Google released its annual “Year in Search,” highlighting the 2017 top trending searches in the Philippines. This year’s list shows how much Filipinos stay tuned on hit songs, international events, and television shows.

This year’s top trending searches: Despacito and Versace on the Floor lyrics, Miss Universe
This year’s top trending searches: Despacito and Versace on the Floor lyrics, Miss Universe

Landing on the top spot is the lyrics of Luis Fonsi’s song Despacito. The song made headlines in October after it reached over 4 billion views, making it the most watched video on YouTube worldwide.

Even top-rising Filipino creator Niana Guerrero caught the Despacito fever and uploaded her video dancing along to the Spanish hit. This year’s second spot goes to the lyrics of Bruno Mars’ Versace on the Floor, a hit from the 24K Magic album covered by several Filipino musicians and creators, including Kris Lawrence and Kristel Fulgar.

The trending topics also reflect Filipinos’ persistent pageant craze. Aside from being this year’s top three trending topic, the Miss Universe pageant landed two spots on the list of trending events. Maxine Medina, who represented the Philippines at the Miss Universe pageant in 2016, is 2017’s top trending female personality. Joining her on the list of the top trending female personalities are other beauty queens: Binibining Pilipinas-International 2017 Mariel de Leon, Binibining Pilipinas-Universe 2017 Rachel Peters, and Miss Universe 1993 Dayanara Torres.

Xander Ford, formerly known as Marlou Arizala, an ex-Hasht5 member, is this year’s top trending male personality. He is also 5th trending search topic overall. The internet sensation made a public appearance on a magazine show after receiving a series of cosmetic treatments. Xander topped the list that mostly included Korean male stars such as Love in the Moonlight’s Park Bo Gum, boy group Children of Empire member Park Hyung Sik, Train to Busan’s Gong Yoo, Weightlifting Fairy’s Nam Joo Hyuk, and God of War’s Kim Joo Hyuk.

Further proof of the enduring popularity of Korean pop culture among Filipinos is this year’s list of trending television shows. Goblin, The Legend of the Blue Sea, Love in the Moonlight, Weightlifting Fairy, and While You Were Sleeping are among the top trending Korean TV shows that made Filipino viewers swoon.

While this year’s list proves how much Filipinos love entertainment, they also stayed vigilant on national issues. Topping the trending news items is President Rodrigo Duterte’s State of the Nation Address. Searches related to the military’s operations against ISIS-inspired Maute Group in Marawi City and the Martial Law declared in the area were also trending searches on Google this year.

“In a way, the Year in Search offers us a glimpse of what we liked as a people, what issues affected us, what sparked our interest, and everything in between that appealed to our emotions the past year,” said Google Philippines Head of Communications and Public Affairs Gail Tan.

Overall Top Trending Searches for 2017 in the Philippines

1. Despacito lyrics
2. Versace on the Floor lyrics
3. Miss Universe 2017
4. Lucia Joaquin
5. Xander Ford
6. The Voice Teens
7. 13 Reasons Why
8. Baby Shark
9. Perfect lyrics
10. FIBA Asia Cup

Trending Searches for 2017 by category (Local):


2. Marawi City
3. Hurricane Irma
4. Bird Flu
5. Kian delos Santos
6. Covfefe
7. Maute Group
8. Las Vegas Shooting
9. Manchester
10. Martial Law in Mindanao

Male Personalities

1. Xander Ford
2. Park Bo Gum
3. Park Hyung Sik
4. Gong Yoo
5. Linkin Park
6. Rowan Atkinson
7. Gilas Pilipinas
8. Jake Zyrus
9. Nam Joo Hyuk
10. Kim Joo Hyuk

Female Personalities

1. Maxine Medina
2. Gal Gadot
3. Kylie Padilla
4. Kim Tae Hee
5. Maureen Wroblewitz
6. Lee Sung Kyung
8. Mariel de Leon
9. Dayanara Torres
10. Rachel Peters


1. Miss Universe 2017
2. FIBA Asia Cup
3. Pacquiao vs. Horn Fight
4. NBA Playoffs
5. Mother's Day
6. Mayweather vs McGregor Fight
7. ASEAN Summit
8. Chinese New Year
9. Miss Universe 2016
10. Wimbledon


1. Beauty and the Beast
2. Wonder Woman
3. Justice League
4. Fast and Furious 8
5. Fifty Shades Darker
6. Logan
7. It
8. Moana
9. 100 Tula Para Kay Stella
10. Kita Kita

TV Shows

1. The Voice Teens
2. 13 Reasons Why
3. Goblin
4. The Legend of the Blue Sea
5. Love in the Moonlight
6. Encantadia
7. Weightlifting Fairy
8. While You Were Sleeping
9. Game of Thrones
10. Scarlet Heart

Songs and Lyrics

1. Despacito
2. Versace on the Floor
3. Baby Shark
4. Perfect
5. Shape of You
6. Titibo-tibo
7. Say You Won't Let Go
8. Too Good at Goodbyes
9. Beauty and the Beast
10. How Far I'll Go


1. Slitherio
2. Messenger
3. Sarahah
4. Summertime Saga
6. Playpark
8. Mobile Legends
9. Tic Tac Toe
10. Trivago


1. iPhone X
2. iPhone 8
3. HUAWEI Nova 2i
4. Oppo F5
5. Oppo F1s
6. Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro
7. Nokia 6
8. Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime
9. Oppo F3
10. Nokia 3310

Go to to explore the rest of the 2017 Year in Search stories and top trending charts from the Philippines and around the world.

WATCH: Top 10 trending YouTube videos in the Philippines for 2017

— The Summit Express

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‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Movie Review: Saga Continues In An Unexpected Way

Two years after we were reintroduced to the galaxy, far, far away, the “Star Wars” saga films are back, this time, with a darker and deeper material that need exploring. “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” is expected to cultivate what JJ Abrams’ “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” set-up. Rian Johnson did just that and more.

‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ official ensemble poster
‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ official ensemble poster/Lucasfilm

*MINOR Spoilers Ahead*

No time jumps needed, “The Last Jedi” immediately picked up where “The Force Awakens” left off, but in a creative way that still allows the iconic scroll to keep fans up to speed with what is happening. Rey is off to Achc-To in search of the vanished, Luke Skywalker; the Resistance is on the run with the First Order hot on its tails while Finn is recuperating nicely on what looks like an improved version, albeit less cooler looking, Bacta tank. From there, the film dives deep into the story of conflicted characters looking to either find their rightful place in all other or trying to make their way back to reclaim their spot.

Daisy Ridley as Rey and Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’
Daisy Ridley as Rey and Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’/Lucasfilm

“The Last Jedi” is not your typical storytelling kind of film. If anything, it’s a highly intellectual project that left so much to everyone’s personal interpretation. Johnson cracks the lore wide open with brand new things that we have never seen before but builds it nicely on top of the existing elements of the saga. This is actually a good thing as it broadens the mythos in ways that Lucasfilm can continue branching out in other narratives to keep the franchise from being stagnant. Johnson’s bold choices, while some are still unclear, is a good indication that the saga is evolving.

What’s interesting about this film is, separately, some of its moving parts are questionable. The Canto Bight sequence, for instance, did not hold that much ground to merit a huge chunk of the film’s time. But piecing everything together, all these elements perfectly fit with each other. It’s the the most ironic movie from the famed series -- having brilliant moments that are signature Star Wars tropes and yet, it’s also arguably the most anti-Star Wars offering from the franchise -- treading down a path that has never been explored before. We can only wonder How Johnson pulled it off in terms of writing and directing (more so, how oldtimers like Lawrence Kasdan felt about it).

For diehards, there are a lot of callbacks and references that evoke certain kind of nostalgia. It perfectly wraps up certain storylines in a way that it’s difficult not to get a little bit emotional. Johnson served Luke’s story well, albeit in an unconventional way. This could prove to be divisive in the long run but Mark Hamill’s performance was a total success given how he is able to portray Luke's internal struggle given everything that he has been through. Cap that off with John Williams’ iconic score with Johnson’s aesthetics and it feels like it’s 1977 once again.

Given everything that “The Force Awakens” did in terms of roping us back into the lore, it had its failures. “The Last Jedi” succeeded in acknowledging some of those including the much-hammered rehash argument. Unfortunately, it can only do so much, leaving other problematic parts of Episode VII and actually also falling into the same contraption. One of which is its inability to service each of its character in a fitting way. Although, we do commend Johnson for trying to give a bit more for Gwendolyn Christie’s Captain Phasma, it’s a shame that with such a brilliant cast, some of them were underutilized -- a weird problem given that the film is already two and a half hours long.

Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron, Daisy Ridley as Rey and John Boyega as Finn in ‘Star Wars'
Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron, Daisy Ridley as Rey and John Boyega as Finn in ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’/Lucasfilm

The original trilogy worked well because the films have a good structure, usually a three-way adventure all happening simultaneously and told seamlessly. For some reasons, this felt a bit unorganized, with jarring jumps and cuts and an odd pacing especially around the second act -- which is kind of a waterloo, except for the character build-up that is essential to the story.

Johnson eventually pulled it together towards the end as all roads converge to one epic climax that has a mixture of heart, hope and a little bit of sass. “The Last Jedi” is a solid film worth seeing at the cinemas especially with how it sets up several characters and plot points that we hope gets addressed in Star Wars: Episode IX.

So while it is no “Empire Strikes Back” and even “A New Hope,” “The Last Jedi” bust through a closed door, enabling it with a richer lore, one that Lucasfilm can continue to cultivate in the years to come.

Watch official trailer here:

— ALD, The Summit Express

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2 nursing grads died just hours before finding out they passed the board exam

For all nursing graduates, there are 2 events that will always remain close to their hearts — the day they graduate and the day they passed the board exam. It is the culmination of their struggles as a student and the beginning of another journey. But for two nursing graduates from Cebu, the supposed to be a joyous day turned into a day of mourning as they met an accident that ended their lives.

Louis Mitchell Nayre Ferolin and Alexa Eddy Ceniza Carvajal were nursing graduates of Cebu Doctors University (CDU). The two graduates took the Nurse Licensure Examination (NLE) last November. The results of the exam were released on December 12. But just hours before the results were released, Ferolin and Carvajal met a vehicular accident at the dawn of December 12 that lead to their deaths.

Louis Ferolin and Alexa Carvajal died in a tragic car accident.
Louis Ferolin and Alexa Carvajal died in a tragic car accident. Photo Courtesy:Facebook/CDU College of Nursing Alumni Association

According to the investigation, SPO4 Ramon Budiongan from the Traffic Patrol Group of the Cebu City Police Office (CCPO) confirmed that a car crash caused the deaths of Ferolin and Carvajal on Tuesday.

The two were riding an Isuzu MU-X car and Ferolin was driving. As the they were going up the flyover, their car went out of control and hit the metal railings, killing the two victims.

Ferolin was 23 years old while Carvajal was just 21 years old. Both victims were part of Batch 2017 nursing graduates of CDU.

Both Ferolin and Carvajal passed the board exam and would have been over the moon just like the rest of the passers. They were among the 5,875 out of 12,869 who passed the November 2017 NLE.

The CDU College of Nursing Alumni Association shared the victims’ families grief as they posted on their Facebook page their heartfelt message of sympathy. It read, “Heaven gained 2 new RNs (registered nurses) today. Our prayers are with you and your families. RIP Louis Ferolin and Alexa Carvajal of Batch 2017.”

It truly is a tragic event that cost the lives of two nurses who had a bright future ahead of them.

Rest in Peace, Louis and Alexa.

— The Summit Express

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'Bagyong Urduja' PAGASA weather update December 14-15, 2017

MANILA, Philippines - 'Bagyong Urduja' continues to bring rains over Eastern Visayas and CARAGA regions while moving slowly, state weather bureau PAGASA announced in its update issued at 11:00 p.m. on Thursday, December 14, 2017.

'Bagyong Urduja' PAGASA weather update December 14, 2017
Tropical Storm Urduja satellite image courtesy of DOST-PAGASA.

At 10:00 p.m. today, the center of Tropical Storm 'Urduja' was estimated based on all available data at 140 km East of Guiuan, Eastern Samar (11.1 °N, 127.0 °E).

'Bagyong Urduja' has maximum sustained winds of 65 kph near the center and gustiness of up to 90 kph. It is forecast to move Northwest at 6 kph.

The weather system is expected to make landfall over Eastern Samar between tomorrow evening and Saturday morning.

Forecast Positions:

  • 24 Hour(Tomorrow evening): 110 km East Northeast of Borongan City, Eastern Samar(11.8°N, 126.4°E)
  • 48 Hour(Saturday evening):In the vicinity of San Jose de Buan, Samar(12°N, 125°E)
  • 72 Hour(Sunday evening): 40 km North Northwest of Roxas City, Capiz(11.9°N, 122.6°E)
  • 96 Hour(Monday evening):150 km Southwest of Coron, Palawan(11.1°N, 119.2°E)
  • 120 Hour(Tuesday evening):260 km West of Puerto Princesa City, Palawan(10.1°N, 116.4°E)

track of bagyong urduja


TCWS #2 (61-120kph expected in 24 hrs): Northen Samar, Eastern Samar, Samar, and Biliran.

TCWS #1 (30-60kph expected in 36 hrs): Catanduanes, Camarines Sur, Albay, Sorsogon, Romblon, and Masbate including Burias and Ticao Islands, Leyte, Southern Leyte, Northern Cebu including Bantayan Island, Capiz, Aklan, and Northern Iloilo
Dinagat Islands.

The estimated rainfall amount is from moderate to heavy within the 450 km diameter of the Tropical Storm.

Scattered to widespread rains will continue over Eastern Visayas and Caraga and is expected to prevail over Bicol Region and the rest of Visayas within 24 hours. Residents in these areas are alerted against possible flashfloods and landslides.

Sea travel remains risky over the eastern seaboards of Bicol region and of Visayas due to the approaching Tropical Storm.

— The Summit Express

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ABL: Alab Pilipinas suffers another tough loss against Hong Kong Eastern

MANILA, Philippines - Almost but not quite. Tanduay Alab Pilipinas had a chance to score its first win of the season but fell short in the hands of Filipino-German Christian Standhardinger and the rest of Hong Kong Eastern Basketball team on Wednesday, December 13 at Changhua Stadium in Hong Kong.

Alab Pilipinas suffers another tough loss against Hong Kong Eastern
Fil-German Christian Standhardinger posted double-double in a win against Tanduay Alab Pilipinas. Photo Credit: ASEAN Basketball League

Hong Kong Eastern Basketball is currently enjoying the top spot of the standing with a perfect slate of 4-0 record while Tanduay Alab Pilipinas is hurting with 2 consecutive losses against Hong Kong in the opener and to Singapore just a week ago.

After 2 games, Alab Pilipinas had a perfect start with an 8-0 run led by Bobby Ray Parks and import Reggie Okosa with the support of another local, Roby Celis.

The game was too intense right from the start. Alab’s second import, Ivan Johnson was whistled for a Technical Foul after inadvertently hitting Ryan Moss in the head while jockeying for position while guard Josh Urbiztondo was also called for a technical for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Hong Kong’s Asian import, Tyler Lamb, initiated the comeback as the Thai-American unleashed treys and put his team behind by just 1. 11-10 at the 3:10 mark of the 1st quarter.

Tyler Lamb and Filipino-German Christian Standhardinger combined efforts to level up the score as the 1st period clock died down but it was Alab’s Ivan Johnson who closed the quarter with a buzzer-beater three pointer. 23-20 in favor of Philippines.

PBA Veteran, Dondon Hontiveros, made his ABL Milestone as he sank his first ever three point shot at the beginning of the second.

Alab world imports took charge mid of the 2nd quarter and successfully posted Philippines’ largest lead of 9, while Bobby Ray Parks extended it to 11, 42-31.

Consistent Eastern scorer Christian Standhardinger was simply unstoppable in the latter part of the 2nd period. The once Alab double-digit lead was abruptly downsized to 3, 46-43 at the end of the first half.

Despite the slim advantage, Alab’s three-point lead was way better compared to its last 2 games where the nationals trailed their opponents after 2 quarters and eventually lost.

Josh Urbiztondo lived up to his moniker “The Fireball” as the 6-foot guard waxed hot from the wing for a back-to-back triples as Philippines unfolded the the 2nd half. Aside from Urbiztondo’s outside sniping, offensive boards helped the Filipinos in widening their lead.

Hong Kong world import Marcus Elliot was a sleeper in the 1st half but came alive in the third aided by Tyler Lamb to trim Alab Pilipinas’ 10-point lead to just 1 with more than 3 minutes remaining in the penultimate quarter.

After 30 minutes of action-packed basketball, Philippines still led Hong Kong, 46-44.

Christian Standhardinger is well-known for his quick release under the basket shots. But in this game, he showed that he’s not only good in close-ranged shots but capable of draining three pointers too. Standhardinger made quick 3 treys as the final period started.

Standhardinger kept the energy flowing for Hong Kong. However, his co-imports got into foul trouble as they approached the 6-minute mark of the fourth. Both Elliot and Moss committed their 4th personal fouls that hinted Coach Edu Torres to bring them out and focus on his heritage imports.

Tyler Lamb’s highly-contested layup in the middle gave Hong Kong a 1-point, 89-88 lead with 3 more minutes remaining in the ballgame. Coach Jimmy Alapag called a timeout immediately but Alab’s bench was called for a technical foul. Marcus Elliot made the technical free throw to add a point more to Hong Kong’s lead.

Coach Edu Torres’ gamble to play his world imports in the dying minutes of the game paid off as his team escalated its margin to 8 with less than a minute left.

Bobby Ray Parks and Reggie Okosa managed to trim the lead to just 2 but Hong Kong hanged on tight to its lead and seal the deal with another home win, 99-96 and improved to 5-0. Tanduay Alab Pilipinas on the other hand, fell at the bottom of the standings with a 0-3 record.

— Joey Boy Capos, The Summit Express

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November 2017 NLE passers registration, oathtaking schedule and verification of ratings

MANILA, Philippines - The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) on Tuesday, December 12, officially released the results of November 25 and 26, 2017 nursing board exam or nurse licensure examination (NLE). A total of 5,875 out of 12,869 (45.65%)passed the exams.

November 2017 NLE passers registration, oathtaking schedule and verification of ratings

Check out full results on this page.

Pursuant to PRC Resolution No. 2004-223 dated July 19, 2004, results of examinations are final and request for reconsideration of failing grades is not allowed.

Nursing board exam passers next tasks now are to register, take oath and exercise nursing profession. Information regarding registration, oathtaking schedule, requirements and venue and verification of ratings (VOR) are all available here as we update this site with details from reliable sources.


From January 3 to January 9, 2018, registration for the issuance of Professional Identification Card (ID) and Certificate of Registration will be done on-line. Please go to and follow instructions for initial registration.

Those who will register are required to bring the following:
  • duly accomplished Oath Form or Panunumpa ng Propesyonal
  • notice of admission (for identification only)
  • 2 pieces passport sized pictures (colored with white background and complete name tag)
  • 2 sets of documentary stamps
  • 1 piece short brown envelope

Successful examinees should personally register and sign in the Roster of Registered Professionals.

November 2017 NLE passers oathtaking schedule and venue

PRC said that Pursuant to Section 16, of Republic Act No. 9173, “all successful candidates in the examination shall be required to take an oath of professional before the Board or any government official authorized to administer oaths prior to entering upon the nursing practice.”

Note: The Summit Express will update this page once schedule of oath taking has been announced.

November 2017 NLE takers verification of ratings (VoR)

Through Verification of Ratings (VoR) online on PRC website, NLE takers (passers and those who failed the exam) will be able to check grades by entering the required information. These include application number and birthdate. VOR for November 2017 NLE is available later.

nle verification of ratings

— The Summit Express

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FULL RESULTS: November 2017 NLE nursing board exam passers list, top 10

MANILA, Philippines - (Updated December 12) The November 2017 nurse licensure examination (NLE) or nursing board exam results, which include the complete list of passers, top 10 (topnotchers), top performing schools and performance of schools are released online on December 12, or in eleven (11) working days after the exam.

List of Passers: November 2017 NLE Results Nursing Board Exam

UPDATE: 5,875 out of 12,869 (45.65%) passed the exams.

The nursing board exam was administered on Saturday and Sunday, November 25 and 26, in Manila, all regional offices nationwide (Baguio, Cagayan De Oro, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Legazpi, Lucena, Pagadian, Tacloban, Tuguegarao) and Zamboanga.

The members of the Board of Nursing who gave the licensure examination are Carmelita C. Divinagracia, Officer-In-Charge; Gloria B. Arcos, Carfredda P. Dumlao, Glenda S. Arquiza, Florence C. Cawaon and Cora A. AƱonuevo, Members.



From January 3 to 9, registration for the issuance of Professional Identification Card (ID) and Certificate of Registration will be done on-line. Please go to and follow instructions for initial registration.

Those who will register are required to bring the following:

  • Notice of admission
  • duly accomplished Oath Form or Panunumpa ng Propesyonal
  • 2 pieces passport size pictures (colored with white background and complete name tag)
  • 2 sets of documentary stamps

Pursuant to Section 16, of Republic Act No. 9173, “all successful candidates in the examination shall be required to take an oath of professional before the Board or any government official authorized to administer oaths prior to entering upon the nursing practice.”


NLE's verification of ratings (passers, non-passers and removal) can be done online.

Visit PRC's "Verification of Rating" service and enter the required information to verify your identity. Note that this will be available in few working days after the release of results.

NOTE: If you have 'Jr" name suffix, please add it after your FIRST NAME (i.e Eduardo Jr ) to avoid 'no matching record found' error.


The two-day exam covered competencies in relation to the 11 key areas of responsibility contained in the Competency Standards of Nursing Practice in the Philippines. These areas are categorized as follows: patient care, empowering, enabling and enhancing competencies.

The five (5) parts of the NLE are the following:
  • Nursing Practice I (Community Health Nursing)
  • Nursing Practice II (Care of Healthy/At Risk Mother and Child)
  • Nursing Practice III ((Care of Clients with Physiologic and Psychosocial Alternations - Part A)
  • Nursing Practice IV ((Care of Clients with Physiologic and Psychosocial Alternations - Part B)
  • Nursing Practice V ((Care of Clients with Physiologic and Psychosocial Alternations - Part C)


According to PRC Resolution No. 2016-1019, the target release date of NLE or nursing board exam results is on Friday, December 15, 2017 or in fourteen (14) working days after the exam.

In the same period last year, NLE results were released in twelve (12) working days after the exam. A total of 6,836 out of 14,322 passed the examinations. University of Santo Tomas (UST) and Benguet State University - La Trinidad topped the schools with 100% passing rate. Southern Luzon State University (SLSU) - Lucban and Saint Louis University (SLU) were among the top performing schools. SLU graduate Eric Carolino Jacinto and UST's Faith Calzado Rutagines topped the board with identical average grade of 86.60%.

In the November 2015 exams, results were out online in twenty-four (24) working days. PRC named 9,114 out of 18,500 who have passed the tests. UST, Mariano Marcos State University (MMSU) - Batac and Xavier University got 100% passing rate. Alyssa Claire Anguren Almo from Remedios T. Romualdez Foundation, Suha Canlas Hassan Magdy Mohammed Ibrahim of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM) and Alyssa May Bringas Madriaga from UST aced the board with 86.40%.

We advise examinees to monitor release of results starting December 11 (Monday) until December 20 (Wednesday) or in 10-17 working days after the exams.

Here's the statistics of Philippine nursing board exam results:

Exam Date Total Examinees Total Passers Passing Rate Days before results release
June 2017 11,176 3,882 34.74% 8
November 2016 14,322 6,836 47.73% 12
June 2016 14,184 6,183 43.59% 9
November 2015 18,500 9,114 49.26% 24
May 2015 17,891 9,707 54.26% 16
November 2014 26,690 15,292 57.29% 29
May 2014 29,188 11,225 38.46% 23


The Summit Express has partnered with PRC Board News to deliver updates before the official release of NLE results.

We will update this page once we got reliable information from our sources. In the previous board exams, takers can expect exact release date of results by always visiting this site.

December 1, 2017 Update: Reliable source for the release of NLE results, Dr. Carl Balita shared his riddle for the most probable date of judgement day for recent NLE takers.

"When the identical sum up to two and the number of sunrises align anew, the privilege to care shall be revealed in view...then the DREAM and the DREAMER is ONE in you."

December 12, 2017 Update: NLE results are expected to be released this week or possible tomorrow, December 13. [ Results are out online.]

It's also possible that PRC will release results on earlier date than our expected timeline if there's an improvement in the PRC system of checking of results.

Bookmark this page now and share the good news to all takers of recent nurse board exam.

— The Summit Express

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A real inspiration: Son of fish vendor tops September 2017 teachers’ board exam

They always say that determination and perseverance are the key to success. This definitely holds true for one determined young man who fought his way from poverty and ranked top 2 in the September 2017 Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET).

Son of fish vendor tops September 2017 teachers’ board exam
Jonathan Garcia didn’t make poverty an excuse but a motivation to strive harder in life.  A real inspiration!

Jonathan Ansing Garcia who is the third among his siblings, lives in Pilar Capiz. Life wasn’t easy on the family and money was scarce for the struggling student. Jonathan’s mother was a tailor while his father was a fish vendor. Their meager pay wasn’t enough so Jonathan had to make find ways to finance his studies.

Jonathan made use of his intelligence and perseverance to earn him scholarships and grants. In college, he won a national quiz bee to pay for his miscellaneous fees.

Jonathan graduated as Magna Cum Laude in Bachelor in Elementary Education in Capiz State University- Pilar Campus.

Impressively, he topped the National Diagnostic and Aptitude Test conducted by a review center in Roxas which was his ticket to a full scholarship for the board exam’s review.

Jonathan is a real inspiration to every struggling student. He didn’t make poverty an excuse but a motivation to strive harder in life.

Watch video here (courtesy of Facebook/Carl Balita Review Center):

Congratulations, Teacher Jonathan!

— Sally, The Summit Express

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