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10 simple things proven to make you happier

Does winning the lottery, driving an expensive vehicle or having a luxurious vacation make you happier?

While these things can certainly make up for some of your bad days, these material things don’t necessarily fill your head with happy thoughts. Luckily, there are some simple things or activities which you can do that don’t require a single penny to boost your mood.

10 simple things proven to make you happier

Here are some things you can do in pursuit of happiness.

1. Show gratitude.

Considered as the most powerful happiness boosting activity, showing gratitude for the good things in your life can make you a better person, improve your relationships and even make life better for everyone around you. To practice this, write three good things that happened to you that day before you go to sleep every night.

2. Exercise signature strengths.

Exercising your signature strengths or doing what you’re good at as often as you can increases your happy thoughts. It’s the reason why starving artists are happier with their jobs compared to other people. In order to do this, do everything you can to be the best possible version of yourself.

3. Spend more time with people you love.

Did you know that spending more time with friends actually increases your happiness worth an additional $133,000 annually? Indeed, the happiest people are social and have strong relationships. So instead of burying yourself in your job, find time to visit your family or meet-up with your friends.

4. Give, volunteer and help others.

Giving, doing nice things, and helping others attain their goals actually makes you happier than receiving. In fact, doing an act of kindness for others can literally make you happier for the rest of the week. Go ahead, make someone smile.

5. Savor.

Are you aware that savoring is one of the secrets of happiest people? Savor what’s important by thinking of happy memories or things that you look forward to.

6. Strive and set ambitious goals.

Have you noticed that you tend to be happier when you are busy? That’s because thinking and working can combat feelings of sadness. Although mastering skills can be stressful in the short-term, it can also be happiness-boosting in the long run.

7. Think happy thoughts.

A previous study has revealed that people with positive illusions about their relationships have fewer problems, are more satisfied, and score higher on love and trust. Overconfidence at work has been proven to actually improve teamwork and increases productivity. Another research concluded that self-deception is linked to positive self-bias, stress reduction as well as increased pain tolerance which could enhance performance and motivation during competitive tasks.

8. Get your sleep.

Did you notice that it’s hard to be happy when you’re tired and sleepy? Taking a nap actually drives away negative emotions and even increases your happy thoughts. Have a decent amount of sleep at night as your mood in the morning actually sets your mood the entire day.

9. Consider little good things

It may not seem obvious but the little things in your everyday life, not the big events, make lasting improvements to your happiness. Get frequent boosts of happiness and not just intense big stuff.

10. Avoid life’s most common regrets.

Not living a life true to yourself, working too hard, not being able to express your feelings, and not staying in touch with family or friends are some life’s most common regrets. Don’t spend your life doing such things in order to be happier.

-- Mini, The Summit Express

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WATCH: Trailer of Atom Araullo’s first movie ‘Citizen Jake’

MANILA, Philippines - The trailer of ‘Citizen Jake’, the highly anticipated comeback film of filmmaker Mike de Leon topbilled by real-life journalist Atom Araullo, is making the rounds on social media shortly after it was released.

Araullo’s debut film, which was described by de Leon as an “investigative crime story with political overtones” would tackle “the world of citizen journalists, social media and politics.”

Trailer of Atom Araullo’s first movie ‘Citizen Jake’
PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Citizen Jake
Despite his zero interest in joining the local showbusiness, Araullo, who is not a professional actor, took the leap of faith to play the role of a reel-life reporter in the said film.

READ: Why Atom Araullo finally agreed to star in a film

“I just couldn’t say no to Mike de Leon. I am taking this leap of faith because I believe in his ability to produce films of exceptional quality that are always imbued with social relevance,” Araullo said in an earlier interview.

Aside from his belief in de Leon, Araullo thinks fictional films can also play a big role in shedding light on important issues of the country.

“As journalists, our job is to shine the light on important issues in the hope of inspiring people to act. But sometimes, fiction actually does a better job at this, especially in the so-called post-truth era. The stakes are higher than they’ve ever been, and we have to be careful not to repeat the mistakes of the past,” Araullo explained.

The director behind hard-hitting films such as “Kisapmata”, “Kung Mangarap Ka’t Magising”, “Hindi Nahahati Ang Langit”, “Batch 81” and “Bayaning Third World” said working with a non-actor is an “unfamiliar territory” yet he believes he’s got an interesting subject to play the titular role.

“Atom is a very intelligent person, with a deep social conscience—and he writes very well,” De Leon said.

The film also stars award-winning actors like Cherie Gil, Dina Bonnevie, Nonie Buencamino, Gabby Eigenmann, Luis Alandy, Alan Paule, Max Collins and Victor Neri.

Watch the trailer (video courtesy of Citizen Jake on Facebook page):

-- Mini, The Summit Express

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Relationship Goals: UP couple to graduate as summa cum laude of Batch 2017

Have you ever heard of the saying “study now, love later”?

While this saying helped many students successfully earn their degrees on time, University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman sweethearts Willard Jose and Rangel Daroya proved that falling in love isn’t a hindrance to academic progress.

UP couple to graduate as summa cum laude of Batch 2017
PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Ang Estudyante sa Septic Tank
Who would have thought that students in a relationship can even manage to graduate with flying colors?

“They are not just two beautiful people in photos. Little did we know, the two are couple. So what? Well, don't stop right there. Because the most exciting part is, they are two of the 36 Summa Cum Laudes of UP Diliman. WOW.

Wait! It doesn't end there yet though. These two are actually the valedictorian and salutatorian of Batch 2017. Yes, you read it right!” Ang Estudyante sa Septic Tank wrote on its Facebook page.

Both from the College of Engineering, Willard and Rangel will be earning their degrees in Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering (BS ECE) with the honor badge of summa cum laude. Willard, with a WGA of 1.058, earned the highest GWA among the summa cum laudes in the entire UP System for this year making him the batch valedictorian. Meanwhile, Rangel ranked second with a GWA of 1.074.

The lovebirds are both members of the organization UP Circuit and have previously worked together in a project during their stint as undergraduates.

“Sinong nagsabi na nakakasira ng pag-aaral ang pag-ibig? pAKiTuro phouwzz sila. Lol. Anyway, just remember the famous answer: "Never naging mali ang magmahal". Char. HAHAHA,” the caption reads.

This year, UP Diliman produced 36 summa cum laudes which include volleybelle Katherine Adrielle R. Bersola, the first from the College of Human Kinetics. Arman Ali Ghodsinia, a graduating summa cum laude with a degree in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (MBB) and is from Marawi City, will give the valedictory address during the commencement exercises to be held on Sunday, June 25.

-- Mini, The Summit Express

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10 Earth-like planets discovered by NASA’S Kepler telescope

New findings by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) may potentially answer one of astronomy’s most compelling questions: “Are we alone in the universe?”

The NASA has recently found 10 new planet-candidates that are about the same size and temperature as Earth and are located in the habitable zone of their star.

10 Earth-like planets discovered by NASA’S Kepler telescope
Recently, the Kepler mission team released a survey of 219 potential planets outside our solar system which had been detected by the space observatory. Ten of these planets were found to be orbiting their suns at a distance similar to our planet’s orbit around the sun, placing it in a habitable zone where there is potentially liquid water that can sustain life.

The newly discovered planets fall into two distinct categories - smaller rocky planets that are about 75% bigger than Earth and much bigger gaseous planets close to the size of Neptune.

To date, there are about 50 Earth-size planets that exist in habitable zones around the galaxy. Around 4,043 have been discovered by the Kepler telescope as potential exoplanets of which 2,335 have been confirmed by other telescopes as actual planets.

In a conference call with reporters, Mario Perez said: “An important question for us is, ‘Are we alone?’”

“Maybe Kepler today is telling us indirectly ... that we are not alone,” he added.

The presence of planets are detected by the Kepler telescope by registering minuscule drops in a star’s brightness. This occurs when a planet crosses in front of it through a movement called transit.

The results were then compiled from data gathered during the first four years of the mission. Scientists then processed these data to determine the composition and sizes of planets observed.

"This carefully measured catalogue is the foundation for directly answering one of astronomy’s most compelling questions – how many planets like our Earth are in the galaxy?” Kepler research scientist and study lead author Susan Thompson said.

-- Mini, The Summit Express

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PBA Finals: San Miguel bounces back against TNT, levels series 1-1

MANILA, Philippines – Roger Pogoy’s ejection in the 3rd quarter paralyzed TNT’s offense and gave SMB the opportunity to breakaway with 102-88 win and even the series to 1 apiece on Friday, June 23 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

June Mar Fajardo stood his ground against heavier Joshua Smith.
June Mar Fajardo stood his ground against heavier Joshua Smith. The Kraken recorded 22 big points. Photo Credit:
TNT carried on with their scoring momentum from their previous encounter against SMB and started hot in the opening period of game number 2.


Coach Leo Austria burned an unnecessary timeout with just 2 minutes passed by after the tipoff due to Katropa’s 7-0 run. Coach Austria wasted another 30 second timeout as TNT extended its lead to 14-0.

Finally, at the 7:48 mark, Alex Cabagnot placed SMB on the scoreboard followed by a three pointer from Arwind Santos.

San Miguel made an adjustment on how to defend Joshua Smith by double teaming the hulking import underneath the basket. However, it fired back at the Beermen as they left Anthony Semerad guard less at the three point territory. Semerad drained 3 triples early in the game.

In contrast to his 21 points game 1 - 1st quarter performance, SMB import Charles Rhodes only had 3 markers and the main reason why his team was down 32-24 after the 1st 12 minutes.

From as high as 17 points, TNT’s lead had gone down to just 2 as the bench of San Miguel led by Arwind Santos and Ronald Tubid initiated the attack since the 2nd quarter started.

Charles Rhodes continued what Arwind Santos had started and helped the Beermen in snatching the lead from Katropa from the first time in the game.

Both imports obtained their 2nd personal fouls with more than 4 minutes remaining in the half. Joshua Smith however, was also slapped with a technical foul for unintentionally hitting the referee with a ball.

Ranidel De Ocampo who was under the weather last game due to flu was back in the game to provide depth in TNT’s front court. RDO’s presence however didn’t give his team the fire power it needed from him. Katropa trailed the Beermen 52-43 after the first half.

June Mar Fajardo led all scorers with 12 but 2 more from his fellow Beermen were also in double figures, Arwind Santos and Chris Ross to be specific with 12 and 11 respectively while Jayson Castro topped his teammates with 10.

Arwind Santos wasn’t done yet. He made another long bomb as the 2nd half unfolded. Joshua Smith on the other hand, committed his 3rd personal foul that signaled Coach Nash Racela to pull him out and sent Moala Tautuaa back in.

A fight almost erupted in the 8:36 mark of the third as Roger Pogoy hit Arwind Santos in the groin area while trailing Alex Cabagnot during a fast break. Santos pushed Pogoy but the referees intervened to prevent the altercation. Pogoy was penalized with flagrant foul 2 and was automatically ejected.

TNT lost Roger Pogoy with 20 more minutes remaining in the game and worst they were also behind by 23 points, 72-49.

It’s simply ironic to see SMB up by a humongous margin while its import had his lowest output ever since. Charles Rhodes had 7 points and acquired his 5th personal with 3 minutes left in the third.
San Miguel savored a whopping 28 point lead entering to the final period, 90-62.

Coach Nash Racela waived the white flag at the start of the fourth quarter as he pulled out his starters and sent his third unit to the hard court. Coach Leo Austria showed compassion to his counterpart by resting his key players and let his reserves finish the job.

The crowd went crazy as the infamous Arnold Van Opstal entered the floor. AVO however missed his 2 field goals and his free throws as well with only a rebound to culminate his game 2 stint.

TNT made a big run even without its star players. Katropa managed to cut the lead to 16 from as high as 32 through the marksmanship of Kris Rosales.

TNT threw the towel in and officially handed the victory to San Miguel, 102-88.

Game 3 will be on Sunday, June 25 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum with TNT Katropa having the possibility of parading its new import Myke Myers and rest the hurting Joshua Smith.


SAN MIGUEL 102 - Fajardo 22, Ross 20, Santos 16, Cabagnot 13, Lassiter 8, Rhodes 7, Espinas 6, Reyes 4, Agovida 2, Semerad 2, Tubid 2, Heruela 0, Van Opstal 0

TNT 88 - Castro 14, Semerad 12, Rosario 12, Smith 11, Rosales 9, Tautuaa 8, Carey 8, Williams 4, De Ocampo 3, Garcia 3, Hernandez 2, Nuyles 2, Tamsi 0, Golla 0, Pogoy 0.

Quarter Scores: 24-32, 52-43, 90-62, 102-88

-- Joey Boy Capos, The Summit Express

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VIRAL: PWD who was reportedly refused entry at McDonald’s goes to Jollibee to get a meal

MANILA, Philippines - A certain branch of McDonald’s is now at the center of controversy after a video showing their store security guard refusing the entry of a person with disability (PWD) emerged online.

According to Vilma Nikki Dunn, the security guard didn’t allow the potential customer to enter the branch since he reportedly mistaken him as a beggar. A video of the incident was posted by Dunn on her Facebook page and quickly went viral.

PWD who was reportedly refused entry at McDonald’s goes to Jollibee
PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Vilma Nikki Dunn
Dunn claimed that the security guard even tried to mock the man using hand gestures that indicates he’s an addict.

“The guard won't let him in seeing that he is a beggar with a disability. The man was pointing at the counter trying to explain that he wanted to order some food. The guard even tried to mock him with his hand gestures that says he's an addict,” Dunn narrated.

Seeing that his efforts were futile, the man eventually left the store and went to a nearby Jollibee store to try his luck. Dunn, who followed the man, said she witnessed how the latter was treated well in the Filipino-owned fast food chain. She also posted photos of the incident on her page.

“The man finally gave up and left. I tried to approach the guy to help him get some food inside but he already crossed the street. I went after him but I have to do a U- turn. By the time I got near, he went inside Jollibee, and I observed.... The staff at Jollibee were more than welcoming. They even help the guy to count his money in loose change,” Dunn said.

As of press time, McDonald’s management has not released an official statement regarding the incident.

Check out the full story below.

-- Mini, The Summit Express

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After 12 years, Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho tie the knot in a civil ceremony

MANILA, Philippines - Their love story is certainly no fairy tale, but celebrity doctors Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho have proven that their love is much bigger than the trials and controversies they faced through the years.

Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho tie the knot in a civil ceremony

After 12 long years, the couple have finally said their “I do’s” in a civil wedding ceremony.

The simple ceremony, officiated by Makati Mayor Abby Binay, was witnessed by their 2-year-old daughter, Scarlet Snow Belo.

The celebrity doctors shared photos of the event in their respective Instagram accounts.

"I was afraid that I would feel like I would lose my freedom by getting married. Instead, I feel joyful and free. Thank you [Mayor Abby Binay] for officiating our civil wedding,” Belo wrote.

"Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh,” Kho said.

In a Philippine Daily Inquirer report last April, it was revealed that the long-time couple are planning to get married in Paris, France this coming September. According to said report, Belo and Kho reportedly sent a private message to some of their closest friends regarding the planned wedding.

"This is Scarlet Snow Belo and I would like to invite you to be present when my parents, Daddy Hayden and Mommy Vicki, get married in our favorite city, Paris,” the text invitation reads.

A post shared by Scarlet Snow Belo (@scarletsnowbelo) on

Their on-and-off relationship made headlines in the past years.

In 2009, the couple decided to part ways after Kho and actress Katrina Halili got involved in a scandal that was investigated in the Senate. Kho’s medical license was revoked because of it.

But in 2014, the Board of Medicine under the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) reinstated Kho’s medical license. Kho, Belo and Halili have since reconciled.

Soon after, the couple had Scarlet Snow in 2016 through in vitro fertilization.

Belo was previously married to businessman Atom Henares, with whom she has two children, Quark and Cristalle.

-- Mini, The Summit Express

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Cum laude graduate from UP takes various “rakets” to finish college

Nowadays, poverty no longer hinders determined students from finishing their education. With various available opportunities, students can now support themselves while studying.

Geoselle dela Cruz, who recently earned her bachelor’s degree in Tourism at the University of Philippines Diliman, has shared her struggles as a working student while earning her degree at the country’s premiere university.

Geoselle dela Cruz cum laude UP raketera
PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Geoselle dela Cruz
Because of the financial difficulties of her family, Geoselle had to take var-ious jobs in order to support herself and keep her UP dream going. During the course of her stay at the state university, the self-proclaimed “Diskarte Queen” worked as a tutor, dance choreographer, rappel instructor, thesis transcriber, research and student assistant, emcee, host and even as a dance contest host. She even sold preloved clothes and food items in or-der to earn money.

“There are a lot of things I tried just to keep this UP dream going. Lahat ng raket na pwedeng gawin, I did. Tutor for 3 years, dance choreographer, rappel instructor, taga-transcribe ng thesis ng iba, pa-rummage sale ng own pre-loved clothes, R.A. dito, S.A. doon, sideline here, sideline there, back-up dancer, pati hosting at emcee rakets, judge ng mga pa-dance contests ni Mayor, benta ng pizza rolls, donuts, graham balls, oreo chenes at kung ano ano pang pwede ibenta,” she wrote in her viral Facebook post.

Geoselle dela Cruz cum laude UP graduate
PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Geoselle dela Cruz
Despite taking various jobs, Geoselle learned that it was God who truly provided all her needs.

“I’ve learned that when all my “Diskartes” are tired, and when all the rakets are gone, there He is. The One who truly provided for all my needs since day 1—even when I do not ask, even when I do not deserve. And when I met Him, I lacked nothing,” Geoselle said.

Towards the end of her post, Geoselle encouraged struggling students to endure and not escape challenges.

“So please, do not escape hard times. Do not invalidate your struggles. Do not be afraid to fail. Make your failures your footstool. Do not take shortcuts to success. For in the shortcuts, you might miss wonderful things, people & experiences He has placed in the way for you. The becoming is always more important than the being.”

Check out her inspiring message below.

-- Mini, The Summit Express

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