Join TheSummitExpress Logo-Making Contest and Win Cash, Coupon Codes (Closed)

    With our effort to improve the performance and brand of TheSummitExpress.com, we're announcing a simple logo-making contest with the aim to have a professionally-designed logo. This will be used to strengthen our identity in the blogging business.

    TheSummitExpress.com which is less than 1 year old by custom domain and more than a year since blogspot lives with our passion to deliver 'Big News, Best Stories and Express Results'. With this, the new logo will define our character and give us psychological advantage over competition.

    Join now to our logo-making contest and win prize of P3,000! Plus, we'll be giving away two (2) P100 each coupon codes that you can use to buy online at hallohallomall.com.

    [ Update:  TheSummitExpress Logo Making Contest Winner announced ]

    Contest Mechanics:
    • Make a 350x90 pixel logo for TheSummitexpress.com;
    • The logo should reflect our character in the online business; it should blend with this site’s design and colors;
    • We prefer 'Combination Marks' type logo with symbol/icon than can be used as favicon and social media channels (Facebook and Twitter) logo. However, if you have other design which you think is better, you may still submit it;
    • The logo should be original or it does not have similarity with other brand logos;
    • Submit your entry (one entry person) to admin@thesummitexpress.com. Use this as title of your email: "TheSummitExpress Logo-Making Contest - 'Your Name' ". Provide description and concept of your submitted logo.
    • For bloggers: create also a blog post to explain well your entry and include link of your post as you submit your entry via e-mail. Your blog post should also have a 'do follow' link to this contest post.
    • For non-bloggers: Post your entry to Facebook with description. Include also the Facebook link once you submit your entry via e-mail.
    • Deadline of submission of entries is extended till Friday, September 27, 2013. (Contest Closed)
    • We will acknowledge your e-mail once entry is received.
    • Winner will be announced on Sunday, October 6, 2013. Winner will be notified also via E-Mail (the e-mail address you've used in the submission of entry).
    • Prize to be sent either thru Smart Money, Western Union or bank deposit.
    Top entries to this contest will be posted here also. Feedback of netizens on your blog post (for bloggers) and Facebook post (non-bloggers) may also affect our judging.
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