Pharmacist Board Exam passer shares 'lucky charm' for passing board exam

MANILA, Philippines – The video shared by Klarence Faith Ansay, who passed the April 2024 Pharmacists Licensure Examination (PhLE), touched the hearts of netizens. In the video, you can see her emotional moment with her mother as they sharpened the pencils to be used for the exam, which Klarence considers her lucky charm.

Pharmacist Board Exam passer shares 'lucky charm' for passing board exam
Photo courtesy: Screenshots from Klarence Faith Ansay (TikTok) via ABS-CBN News

In their story shared with ABS-CBN News' "Bayan Mo I-Patrol Mo," they recounted that due to their difficult life circumstances in the past, her mother couldn't even afford to buy a pencil when she was young. This is why sharpening the pencils for the exam was a significant moment for them. According to superstition, these pencils are believed to bring good luck if sharpened by a board passer.

Mercedita, Klarence's mother, expressed that while Klarence believes the pencils are her lucky charm for the exam, she believes her daughter's success is due to her hard work and dedication, and that her daughter truly deserves it.

"Swerteng lapis" sa board exam ✏️🍀

“SWERTENG LAPIS" SA BOARD EXAM ✏️🍀 PANOORIN: Lapis na tinasahan ng kanyang ina ang itinuturing na “lucky charm” ni Bayan Patroller Klarence Faith Ansay sa kanyang pagpasa sa 2024 Pharmacists Licensure Examination. 🎥: Bayan Patroller Klarence Faith Ansay Para sa mga kaugnay na ulat ng Bayan Mo, Ipatrol Mo: ABS-CBN News #BoardExam #Laguna

Posted by Bayan Mo, Ipatrol Mo on Wednesday, June 19, 2024

In an interview with the Philippine Star, Klarence mentioned that she chose her mother to sharpen the pencils as a tribute to her mother's sacrifices for her.

“Sino ba ‘yong laging nagtatasa ng pencil ko or ‘yong the first person who ever sharpened my pencil? Naisip ko na as a tribute to my mom, I asked her to sharpen my pencil,” the board passer said.

In addition to the video of the pencil sharpening, another video went viral showing Klarence and Mercedita with her father as they checked the exam results. Emotions overflowed when they found out that Klarence had passed.

Speaking of the lucky charm associated with the sharpening of pencils before taking the exam, ‘BINI’ member Maloi Ricalde went viral in April as she took fan service to another level when she sharpened her fan's pencil. It was revealed that the pencil belonged to a test-taker who is scheduled to have her board exam in July.

— Noel Ed Richards, The Summit Express

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