Teacher finally passes LET after 19 attempts

In being realistic, failing the board exam or any life dream can indeed be disheartening, making it daunting to try again. But what if it happens 18 times?

A topnotcher in the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) in January 2022, Diane Asanza David, featured the story of her co-teacher and classmate from the review center, Mary Grace Millama Zulueta, who was also once featured on The Summit Express. Mary Grace didn't just fail and rise again once in the board exam but 18 times!

Mary Grace Millama Zulueta

According to Diane, she admires Mary Grace because despite the hardships she faced juggling work, taking care of the household, and reviewing, she never stopped until she passed the LET. Mary Grace's journey wasn't easy as she failed 18 times, which, truth be told, would discourage anyone.

Even during the application process for the review, Mary Grace faced a challenge. She almost got lost, Diane said. Then during the actual review, there were times when she couldn't absorb anything due to exhaustion from work, considering her age as well.

On Mary Grace's 19th attempt, she reportedly told Diane that she felt she would pass because it was the first time she didn't fall asleep during the exam. Moreover, she said that upon seeing the first question, she already knew the answer.

Mary Grace was emotional because she never expected that she would eventually pass the LET. There came a point where she also wanted to give up and questioned herself if she was truly weak. What made it even more disheartening for her was when she received a rating of 74.4%, which was close to passing.

“Ang dali lang naman ng mga tanong, pero bakit hindi ko makuha ang tamang sagot?

“Nakakahiya at nakakapagod na ang paulit-ulit na aasa at babagsak ka.

"Ang malungkot at madismaya tuwing malalaman mo na ang lahat ng mga classmates, co-teachers, kapitbahay, estudyante, pamangkin, apo at anak mo mismo ay pumasa at licensed na.

“Pero ako, hindi pa rin...” she said on her Facebook post, when she shared the post of Diane.

But she reportedly proved that nothing is impossible for a diligent person, no matter how many times they stumble or fail.

Congratulations, Teacher Mary Grace!

— Noel Ed Richards, The Summit Express

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