Teacher-turned-principal who failed 5 times in LET shares her success story

They say, it doesn't matter in life how many times you have failed or fallen; what matters is how many times and how you rise again to continue on your journey towards your desired destination.

Just like the story of Bai Jasmin B. Sema, a former regular teacher who is now a principal at a public elementary school in Mindanao. She said she failed the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) five times due to a lack of preparation, but on her sixth attempt, she finally passed.

Teacher-turned-principal who failed 5 times in LET shares her success story
Photo courtesy: Facebook/Carl E. Balita

She failed the LET four times due to not reviewing. On her fifth attempt, she did review but still failed.

But eventually, when she did the sixth attempt with review sessions in a review center, she finally made it!

The post can be read in Carl Balita’s Facebook post.

“I am happy to share my story. When I started teaching, I'm so focus on my career. Hindi muna ako kumuha ng board exam kasi nga mahirap pagsabayin ang pagtuturo at pag review umabot din ng years before I decided to take the board exam for teachers,” she said.

“My first examination was full of excitement and I wonder kung kaya ko ba kasi nga hindi ko pa alam ang gagawin. Kung saan ka mag exam kung baga at your first try binibigay mo ang best mo but when the result is out, I failed. My rating that time is almost a passing score points lang talaga. Kaya di rin ako nawalan ng pag asa keep trying pa rin but tulad din ng iba I FAILED again..many times din ako nag failed not once,not twice, but 5x. Ika nga nila if you fell down on yesterday, stand up today…”

She realized that being enrolled in a review session offers an advantage compared to studying on her own.

“You're not only depending on your stock knowledge and it's never enough kasi during the exam hindi mo alam kung saan manggagaling ang questions,” she emphasized.

During review sessions and mock tests, she was one of the top scorers who got high scores.

“I'm confident enough that time to take the board exam. And to become ready. I READ, READ and READ MORE so i can face questions without fear and be confident at syempre the most awaited is the date of LET result And When the LET RESULT is out i am one of the thousands passers in LET September 2019,” she said.

She realized, “Believe you can do and you're half way there.The ability to triumph begins with you always. Our greatest weakness lies in giving up the most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time..the inspiration comes within yourself and be positive. when you hope and being patience in your life i'm sure good things happen… Just believe YOU CAN.”

“Passing LET it gives me opportunity from being a regular Teacher and now turned as School Principal and a KIFTI - TESDA Administrator,” she added.

Congratulations, Bai Jasmin!

— Noel Ed Richards, The Summit Express

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