Literally followed his father’s footsteps! Bacolod student tops Medtech board exam same with his dad

MANILA, Philippines – The success story of Ralph Jason Tulmo is heartwarming after he graduated summa cum laude in Medical Technology from Riverside College in Bacolod, and afterwards, placed third in the March 2024 medical technologist (medtech) licensure exam, where his father, Wilson Tulmo, also topped the exam 39 years ago.

Photo courtesy: Facebook/Ralph Jason Tulmo

He obtained a score of 92.7% in the March 2024 MedTech Licensure Exam, where according to the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), 7,309 out of 9,068 passed.

In an interview with Rappler, Ralph mentioned that his inspiration for taking the exam, as well as for achieving summa cum laude, were his father, a neurologist, and his mother, a dentist. Consequently, it can be said that their family is truly aligned with the medical field. Wilson, his father, was the topnotcher in the 1985 medical technologist licensure examination.

According to Ralph, even though both of his parents were busy in their respective fields, they never neglected him and were supportive of his endeavors. Besides aiming to follow in his father's footsteps as a topnotcher in the board exam, Ralph also dreams of becoming a neurologist like his father. Therefore, he has no hesitation in pursuing medical school. Both parents are highly intelligent, yet they are also the most humble people he has ever known.

Ralph recommended that students should thoroughly prepare and exert significant effort to achieve their life goals and dreams. He expressed that diligence, commitment, and perseverance yield results. For students like him who are determined to achieve their goals, they must exert both intense effort and strategic thinking. They need to set ambitious goals and pursue them relentlessly.

Aside from aspiring to become a doctor, Ralph also expressed his desire to become a review lecturer in review centers for medical technologists who are also planning to take the board exam.

Congratulations, Ralph!

— Noel Ed Richards, The Summit Express

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