Couple who both graduated magna cum laude tops last two LET

MANILA, Philippines –
A couple from Leyte proved that they are not only compatible in love but also in academic achievements.

Jonel Gallaza and his girlfriend Jhane Eyre Marie Olmedo both graduated magna cum laude from Leyte Normal University. Even more impressive, both of them also got included in the Top 10 of the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET).

Couple who both graduated magna cum laude are LET topnotchers
The couple graduated magna cum laude and topped the LET | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Jani Olmedo

Jonel ranked eighth in the 2019 LET while Jhane ranked 3rd in the January 2022 LET.

The couple has been together since they were in third-year college. Jhane said being in a relationship didn't hinder them from achieving their goals.

"As long as your priorities in life are clear, and you’re both on the same page, your relationship will not be a distraction in your studies," Jhane said.

She added how she waited for two years to take the exam. She was supposed to take it last March 2020 but due to the pandemic, the board got delayed.

“The days when I wanted to give up were so much greater than the days I genuinely wanted to try again for my dream,” she added.

Jhane revealed that she prayed so hard that she will be given a chance to take the exam as soon as possible.

According to Jhane, reviewing for the LET was very challenging because they had to do it online. All her hardwork paid off when she finally passed.

Jhane advised other students to work at their own pace. She said that you define your timeline and success.

She remarked, "For the students, always remember that you have your own timeline. Enjoy your life and learn at your own pace. Your success in life will be determined by you; and you alone."

The couple is looking forward to finishing their master's degree so they can both teach in a university. They are also busy making YouTube content about scholarships and lessons.

Jhane finished a degree of Bachelor of Science in Education, Major in Biological Science. Meanwhile, Jonel graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Education, Major in Mathematics.

Jhane said Jonel is one of her inspirations to work hard for her dream. She said seeing her boyfriend's achievements motivated her to dream big too.

"You are an inspiration that dreams are achievable even if hindrances arise. You conquered your dream and that made me conquer mine,” she told Jonel.

Jonel also couldn't help but be proud of his girlfriend. He also wrote on Facebook, "I have witnessed all your hardships and struggles for this achievement! You deserve it! Congratulations! I’m the proudest."

— Sally, The Summit Express

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