Generous man pranks delivery riders: ‘And it’s not what you think’

MANILA, Philippines – A generous man has gone viral as he received praises from netizens for his “April Fool’s Day Prank.”

What was supposed to be an ordinary food delivery became a special day for some riders as they received an unexpected treat. On Facebook, Vberni Regalado shared how he treated some delivery riders to free food.

Vberni Regalado ‘pranks’ delivery riders with free food
Vberni Regalado ‘pranks’ delivery riders with free food | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Vberni Regalado

According to him, it was a rainy night, and he decided to order food via Grab delivery. But instead of having it delivered to his house, he sent the riders a message to just keep the orders and share them with their families.

Vberni wrote, “I PRANKED GRAB FOOD DRIVERS THIS RAINY APRIL FOOLS DAY. And it’s not what you think. So, I booked some food deliveries, paid for them, and asked the riders to not deliver it to my home — because it’s theirs to bring home to their families and have an amazing dinner tonight.”

But what really stood out for Vberni was one rider who had the same name as his mother, who had already passed away. He couldn’t help, but it was probably a sign that she was proud of his kind gesture.

He added, “Coincidentally, one of the riders was named Emily. When I called her to say don’t come here with the food and instead go to her family and eat with them, she was surprised and cried. Really reminded me of my mom who did a lot of things to make our lives easier.”

The rider named Emily was left teary-eyed with the surprise “prank.” She said that her children would be thrilled with the treat. She was also very grateful that kind people like Vberni existed.

Her reply to Vberni was, “Thank you so much. Matutuwa po mga anak ko. God bless po.”

“Thank you po. Naiiyak ako kasi nakakatouch may mga ganitong pagpapala. Napakabuti niyo po,” she added.

Vberni reminded everyone how a small random act of kindness could go a long way. He encouraged everyone to share their blessings in any way they could.

“We can’t be heroes to everybody, but if we can make someone smile and be a blessing to them, even just for a day, then we are doing a great job,” he wrote.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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