Is Enchong Dee hiding? Authorities allegedly unable to serve arrest warrant

MANILA, Philippines – Where is Enchong Dee? Some netizens asked the question after authorities revealed they were unable to serve the Kapamilya actor his warrant of arrest.

Where is Enchong Dee?
Where is Enchong Dee? Netizens ask after authorities said he wasn't in his last known address | Photo Courtesy: Instagram/Enchone Dee

Allegedly, Enchong was nowhere to be found when authorities showed up at his given address in Cubao, Quezon City, last Wednesday. According to his neighbors, they haven't seen the actor visiting the area for some time.

Veteran showbiz host Cristy Fermin said the place that the authorities went to was not the actor's residence. She explained that it was like a boarding house that Enchong owns.

She went on to advise the actor to face the authorities and post a bail, instead of hiding.

“Ito ang pinakamagandang gagawin ni Enchong dito. Hindi po pwedeng pagtaguan ito. Huwag mong paliitin ang mundo mo, magpiyansa ka,” she said.

Based on the actor's recent activities, he hosted the Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) “Kumulitan” afternoon show with Bianca Bautista and Robi Domingo. However, hawk-eyed netizens were quick to notice that the actor's background isn't the same as before. In his previous videos, Enchong looked like he was in a room or library with a bookshelves at the back. In his most recent one, it looked like a bedroom with white background.

Enchong Dee in 'PBB Kumulitan' show on January 28
Enchong Dee in 'PBB Kumulitan' show on January 28. Sreenshot from Pinoy Big Brother YouTube account

Enchong's last Instagram post was two days ago, which showed that he was on a beach.

The warrant of arrest was for the Php 1 billion cyber libel case filed against him by DUMPER Representative Claudine Bautista-Lim. The case was filed in August 2021 at the Office of the Provincial Prosecutor in Davao Occidental.

The complaint stemmed from the actor's tweet against Bautista's "lavish" Balesin wedding. His tweet goes, "The money for commuters and drivers went to her wedding. Let us not prolong this conversation and don’t say otherwise.”

Other celebrities who also aired their frustration online, Agot Isidro, Pokwang and Ogie Diaz were also charged. But the prosecutors cleared the others, only Enchong was indicted.

The prosecutors explained that the other celebrities' statements were part of their freedom of expression. Meanwhile, Enchong's tweet was "imputing a crime," and accused Bautista-Lim of malversation of public funds.

According to the prosecutors, Enchong put Bautista-Lim in a "bad light." "Peremptorily makes the complainant a soft target for heavy criticism and pillory, placing her thereby in a bad light due to such reckless and irresponsible tweet of the respondent," the statement continued.

Bautista-Lim is seeking moral damages amounting to P500,000,000 as with exemplary damages amounting to P500,000,000.

Bautista-Lim said in a statement, “The posts were meant nothing more than their malicious intentions of maligning my person, depicting me as a corrupt public official.”

Bautista was among the 70 members of the House of Representatives who voted to deny the franchise renewal of ABS-CBN in 2020.

Enchong issued a public apology for his statement but the congresswoman wouldn't back down on the charges.

"He was not sorry to me and for the damage that he has done. He just wants to deflect, albeit unsuccessfully, this criminal charge against him," she stated.

The actor has yet to issue a statement on the matter.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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