Rudy Baldwin reveals 2022 predictions, horoscope

MANILA, Philippines – Psychic reader and dream translator, Rudy Baldwin bared her visions and predictions for the year 2022.

Rudy summed up her forecasts for 2022 in three descriptions. According to her, this year will be a year of disaster, success and depression. Her vision of fire and water is a reminder that we should be wary of the possibility of fire accidents and other disasters. She went to give a warning about the devastating power of nature that leads to calamities.

Rudy Baldwin reveals her visions and predictions for 2022
Rudy Baldwin reveals her visions and predictions for 2022

"Ang taon ng 2022 ay taon ng disaster. Kung saan ang hamon ng kalikasan ay mas malakas. Mas makapangyarihan sa panahon na hindi mo inaasahan," Rudy said.

Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will also be frequent events next year as forecasted. There will be two typhoons that are similar in strength with Super Typhoon Yolanda.


Rudy clarified that while 2022 will be successful in terms of money, there is also a rise in the number of depressed people. Cyberbullying and bashing online are among the most common causes of depression. Rudy cited that one popular celebrity will not be able to handle all the online hate that he/she chose to give up. She advised gardening and taking care of plants as a way to cope with depression.

Relationship, business and economy

Those in a relationship will find themselves prone to temptation in 2022. "Ang mga tao ay maging lapitin sa tukso," Rudy explained.

As Rudy earlier said, money and business will be easy and lucky this year. However, those in the food and electronics business should be extra careful against fire accidents.


Rudy also predicted death among several candidates before or on the day of election. She explained that it may be because of an accident or even foul play but several politicians will be in danger. Aside from accidents, there will even be crime among politicians before election day.

"Sa vision ko may mga kandidato pong biglaan ang pagkasawi nila. Sa darating na eleksyon or sa mismong araw ng eleksyon," she shared.


There will be many local artists and celebrities who will find opportunities to work abroad. There is one celebrity known in comedy, action or drama films who will pass away. There will be more than three actors who will die by 2022.


According to Rudy, the end of the pandemic depends on the people. Nowadays, people are no longer scared of COVID-19. The pandemic will continue if we do not practice self-restraint and discipline. "Sa darating na taon at sa mga sumu-sunod pa, hindi pa matatapos ang pandemiya, to be honest," Rudy said.

New disease

Rudy said a new dreadful disease from the air, which is not related to COVID-19, may appear.

"Etong taong 2022, merong isang klaseng sakit. Isang sakit na walang kinalaman sa dinanas natin na pandemya, kung saan nauubusan ka ng hininga. Galing eto sa hangin. Pag nalanghap mo, nagloloko na ang buong katawan mo. Yung iba kasi, yung mata nila namumula at hirap huminga. Pag ikaw ay may sakit sa puso, talagang matutuluyan ka kung papasok nung isang sakit. Bigla nalang nagpuputukan ang balat."

2022 Horoscope

Aries - Success will be fast. Whatever venture you do, you will succeed in 2022. Working abroad will also be fruitful. However, be careful who to trust. You will also be more prone to depression and accidents next year.

Taurus - You will be more emotional next year and it's important to know how to handle it. You will finally achieve that goal you have been working on for so long.

Gemini - You will be more level-headed and understanding in 2022. Romantic relationships will be good. However, you have a tendency to be a martyr in terms of accepting your partner's mistakes.

Cancer - You will work hard to return to the life you used to enjoy. You will be struggling to correct the mistakes of the past.

Leo - Don't be too proud and arrogant because it will lead to bad karma. Career and business will be fruitful if you know how to treat others well.

Virgo - In 2022, you will be prone to anger and stress. Learn to be calm in situations you cannot control. Live humbly despite your success.

Libra - You will have overflowing blessings by 2022. All your heartaches will be gone because of the many good tidings will come your way. If you might even find your true love.

Scorpio - You will finally overcome all the challenges you are facing. Like the Libra, Scorpio will also enjoy an outpouring of blessings by 2022.

Sagittarius - In 2022, you will have a bigger chance of winning a jackpot. Keep a positive attitude in your work and be understanding to your partner.

Capricorn - You have to be hardworking to be successful next year. Promotion and unexpected blessings can be expected. Be careful as you will be prone to depression.

Aquarius - In 2022, you will receive bunch of blessings. Be careful and stay away from swindlers and scammers. You will be lucky in situations and fields that involve numbers.

Pieces - You will attain your goals and ambitions this year. Think positive and trust god. You will be lucky in your career, work and any business.

WATCH: Rudy Baldwin's 2022 predictions (published on December 5, 2021)

— Sally, The Summit Express


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