22 tips to bring good luck in 2022 Year of the Water Tiger

MANILA, Philippines – As the year 2022 comes near, many are now interested in how to keep good fortune in the Year of the Water Tiger. In the Chinese Horoscope, the Tiger is associated with power, leadership and pride. Like water that easily flows, the Year of the Water Tiger expects us to be more agile and resilient in facing significant changes.

22 tips to bring good luck in 2022 Year of the Water Tiger
Master Hanz Cua shares Feng Shui tips to bring in good luck for 2022 Year of the Water Tiger | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/ Hanz Cua


Here are the tips from Feng Shui Master Hanz Cua to keep bad karma away and let the good energy come into your life in 2022:

1. Wear yellow gold or liven up your house with yellow gold decors and themes. In the chart, it is needed because there are no fire and metal elements. From December 31 to January 1, wear red to attract wealth.

2. Open all the lights in the house. You need to bring in the fire element to attract prosperity and money luck.

3. Do general cleaning and declutter before the new year. Throw away the old and broken things to attract good fortune energy.

4. Prepare 12 kinds of fruits. The number 12 signifies abundance for the 12 months of the year.

5. Display tiger decors in the middle of the house.

6. Change your curtains when the new year comes. Use Fire colors: red, yellow, orange or pink.

7. Change your bedsheet and pillowcases. If you're single, use pink and red if you're married.

8. Change defective light bulbs, fix broken pipes, make sure the main door is working properly. Clean the stove.

9. Make sure the containers for salt, rice and sugar are full. The LPG and water dispenser should also not be empty.

10. On New Year's Day, wear polkadots and new underwear. Roll kiat-kiat in the direction going inside the house. Throw coins towards the inside of the house for good luck.

11. Light 9 incense to cleanse the whole house.

12. Make the house noisy and lively on New Year's Day. Everyone in the family must be happy.

13. Give angpao to grandchildren and kids for good karma.

14. Make amends and reconciliation.

15. Pay your debts before 2021 ends.

16. Fill your wallet with money. Keep coins inside your pocket.

17. Write a 2022 goal plan and pin it on the door. Hang tiger lucky charms on the door.

18. Place eight coins in the northwest to activate money luck.

19. Display flowers in the southeast to activate love luck.

20. Share your blessings with others. Post good vibes on social media. Pray and be grateful.

21. Prepare pancit, noodles, spaghetti, pork, fish, chicken and anything sweet on New Year's Day.

22. Purchase Wishing Paper Ritual. Write down your name, detailed wishes and burn it on December 31 midnight.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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