66-year-old widow finds another chance at love with 33-year-old guy via TikTok

    MANILA, Philippines – A 66-year-old widow found herself another chance at love when she met a guy 33 years younger than her, all thanks to TikTok.

    They say that age is just a number when it comes to love. This is the inspiration behind the relationship between Salvacion Navarro, a senior citizen, and Arjay Riola, a young man in his thirties. This November, the couple will mark their ninth monthsary together.

    Salvacion and Arjay are proving that love knows no age.
    Salvacion and Arjay are proving that love knows no age. Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Arjay Riola

    Salvacion has been a widow for four years before she met Arjay on social media app, TikTok. Despite her age, Salvacion would gamely do dance challenges and trends on the app. Their love story began when one of her videos caught the attention of Arjay and the young man followed her account.

    Salvacion recalled, "There’s this guy na dumaan sa FYP [For You Page] niya yung TikTok ko. Finollow niya ako, e, follow back ko rin."

    The two started chatting until Arjay asked if he could court Salvacion. The elder woman was beyond shocked considering that he was 33 years younger.

    She shared, "Gulat ako kasi gusto raw niya ligawan ako. E, ang tawa ko noon. Sabi ko, ‘Ha? Dyusko, ilang taon ka na?’ ‘Thirty-three,’ ‘O, thirty-three, ‘tapos ako, 66, half of my age. Ano’ng nakain mo? Bakit mo ako liligawan?"

    Arjay also revealed how he felt when he found Salvacion's TikTok videos. He said, "Nakita ko po na sa profile po niya biyuda po siya. Nakita ko po yung real face niya. Bali chinat ko po agad siya."

    “Sinabi ko na, ‘Hello po, good morning po,’ ganyan, ‘kamukha niyo po si Chanda Romero,’ yung ganyan, yung artista po," he added.

    They finally became a couple when Salvacion said yes to Arjay on February 15, 2021.

    Salvacion and Arjay admitted that their unconventional relationship was met with ridicule and judgment. At first, they admitted feeling affected with the negativity but like they always say, love keeps them together.

    Arjay said, “Sinasabi nilang pera-pera lang iyan. Sugar mommy, ganoon daw…”

    "’Allowance reveal, weekly o monthly?’ ‘Ano kayo, mag-nanay o mag-lola?’” Salvacion added.

    Arjay defended that he isn't a materialistic person and asks nothing but love from Salvacion. He admitted, "Hindi ako materyosong tao. Wala akong hinihinging kapalit kundi, yun nga, yung mahalin ko siya at mahalin din niya ako nang tulad ng binibigay kong pagmamahal sa kanya.”

    The couple continues to post videos on TikTok proving to everyone that not even hate or judgments could stop their love.

    — Sally, The Summit Express
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