Ate Gay reveals donations of Vice Ganda, celebs when he was hospitalized

    MANILA, Philippines – Ate Gay or Gil Aducal Morales in real life revealed the financial donations given to him by celebrities when he was hospitalized a few months back.

    The stand-up comedian and Nora Aunor impersonator went to social media to post the list of celebrities and their financial aid to him when he was suffering from a rare and serious skin condition, toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN).

    In April 2021, he survived battle with pneumonia and considred it 'his second life'.

    The move came as Ate Gay's answer to those who criticized him for calling out those vocal against the current government.

    Earlier, Ate Gay shared how he wouldn't hesitate to unfriend on Facebook those who keep on blaming the government. According to him, it's best to read history and note that the misery of the Philippines began during the administration of former President Cory Aquino.

    "Delete ko mga friends ko dito na walang ginawa kundi mangnega ng umaga ang manisi ang sisihin ang gobyerno .. basa din alamin ang pinagmulan ng paghihirap ng pinas.. simulan nyo ng 1986," he wrote.

    Ate Gay's post quickly went viral and earned various reactions from netizens. Among those who were vocal in their disappointment over Ate Gay's statement were the fans of Vice Ganda.

    Ate Gay reveals donations of Vice Ganda
    Ate Gay (left) reveals donations of Vice Ganda (right), other celebs when he was hospitalized.

    Vice has been outspoken on his dissatisfaction over the current government's COVID-19 response, corruption issues, and more. On "It's Showtime," Vice has many times made statements against the regulation on the use of face shields and corrupt officials.

    Due to this, many of Vice's fans said Ate Gay is such an ungrateful friend to make snide remarks when Vice helped him when he was in and out of the hospital.

    Ate Gay answered the issues by revealing a list of how much his celebrity friends helped him when he has hospitalized. According to his list, Vice donated P20,000 while other celebs like Paolo Ballesteros and the trio of Beks Battalion gave P30,000 each.

    He wrote, "Para matigil na ito .. eto mga nagbigay sa aking hindi ko hinihingi. Paolo Ballesteros 30k beks batallion 30k calvin chua 20k vice ganda 20k ogie diaz10k ogie alcasid teri onor 10k sir jon 10k at ang kapatid ko 600k."

    “yung mga nagbigay sa akin di ginalaw ng kapatid ko bagkus ginastos ko sa renta sa condo maintenance ko at ng nanay ko... wala naman po akong trabaho kaya di sinama ng kapatid ko ang mga bigay ng mga kaibigan ko..”

    Amid the bashing, Ate Gay appealed to the public to spare his friends because he feels embarrassed that they have to dragged for his own political opinion.

    He said, “Sana po wag nyo na kayong mandamay ng ibang tao .. nahihiya ako sa kanila ...salamat."

    As of writing, Vice has not made any statement on the issue involving his name.

    — The Summit Express

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