Sara Duterte tells VP Leni to stop using Davao's COVID-19 surge in her ‘politicking’

MANILA, Philippines – Mayor Sara Duterte called out Vice President Leni Robredo for her statement on the rising COVID-19 cases in Davao City.

Sara Duterte tells VP Leni to stop using Davao's COVID-19 surge in her ‘politicking’
Mayor Sara Duterte tells Vice President Leni Robredo to stop making statement on things she knows nothing about

According to the Mayor, the Vice President should stop making remarks on the situation if she doesn't know what is happening. Duterte went on to say that Robredo had been known to make statements wherein she has no knowledge about and doesn't offer any solution to the problem.

The statement said, "The Vice President should refrain from giving advice if she knows nothing about what is happening on the ground. This has been the hallmark of her term as VP, where she puts forth comments on matters and affairs she lacks understanding and knowledge on and does not offer anything helpful to solve a problem."

Duterte went on to explain that the increase of COVID-19 cases in Davao City has been due to their aggressive testing and quarantining. She added that Robredo's remarks were an attack towards the efforts and sacrifices of medical frontliners of the city.

"The private sector has been very helpful and has tremendously contributed to the COVID-19 response in Davao City. In addition, the VP should not attack the medical community of Davao City as being inactive when they have been silently suffering and working tirelessly to help save lives since March of last year. She should open her eyes to the surge of cases in localities all around the world and she might be able to say that a surge in cases where 85% of the cases are asymptomatic is primarily identified by aggressive testing, coupled with tracing and isolation/quarantining," she explained.

Duterte advised Robredo to stop using her city's COVID-19 situation to promote her politicking. She also said that she would be open to criticisms as the LCE (local chief executive), when Robredo decided to announce her presidential bid.

"The VP should avoid involving the Covid-19 surge in Davao City in her attempt at politicking. There will be a proper time to attack my performance as an LCE in this pandemic if she dares to run for President," Duterte noted.

Earlier, Robredo said Davao City could learn a few lessons from Cebu on how it has successfully controlled it's COVID cases. She mentioned how the LGU and the medical community had a great partnership.

"Makakatulong na tingnan kung anong ginawa sa Cebu. Kasi kung titingnan mo ngayon na nagsaspike na, sa Cebu parang controlled, ‘di ba? Parang controlled and marami ang ginawa—ang partnership doon, hindi lang talaga LGU (local government unit) pero very active doon ang medical community," she said.

"In fact noong pumunta kami, nakatrabaho talaga namin ang medical community, very, very active sila doon. So tingin ko ang mga lessons sa Cebu, ganoon din. Makakapulot ng aral ang Davao," Robredo added.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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