WATCH: Rabiya Mateo finally speaks up after Miss Universe Top 21 finish

MANILA, Philippines – Rabiya Mateo finally speaks up after she bowed out early at the 69th Miss Universe competition today, May 17 (Manila time).

Rabiya Mateo is hopeful for something new
Rabiya Mateo is hopeful for something new | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Miss Universe Philippines and Instagram/Rabiya Mateo

The Philippines’ bet failed to advance to the Top 10 of the pageant and settled at the semi-finals in the Top 21. Despite her performance, Filipino pageant fans and beauty queens extended their support and love to Rabiya.

Moments after the coronation, Miss Universe Bolivia Lenka Nemer went on Instagram live with Rabiya to talk about the pageant and their future plans. The video has been shared by one of Rabiya's fan pages on Instagram.

In the video, Rabiya aired her hope and optimism of a new beginning for her after the Miss Universe pageant.

"This is like the start, a beautiful start of something new,” Rabiya said.

The Ilongga beauty queen also remarked how all of them at the pageant were all queens in their own right.

"It’s just gonna be one girl who’s gonna be crowned. But I know in my heart – every one of us – we are queens already even without that crown,” she added.

In the end, Rabiya is just grateful that she got the opportunity to represent the Philippines and thanked everyone for their support. “And the impact that you’ve made! It’s not every day that we get to represent our countries,” Rabiya remarked.

"So this is really a great opportunity for all of the girls. And we are happy to be here. Thank you so much for the support,” the Miss Universe Philippines 2020 said.

Miss Mexico Andrea Meza was crowned the 69th Miss Universe winner.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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