LOOK: Rabiya Mateo's supposed 'Phoenix' evening gown at the Miss Universe 2020

MANILA, Philippines – Photos of Rabiya Mateo's supposed dress at the evening gown competition of the 69th Miss Universe competition circulated online.

Rabiya Mateo's supposed "Phoenix" evening gown
Photo Credit: Instagram/FURNE ONE AMATO

Our Philippine bet might have bowed down early at the competition, but it didn't stop many Filipino pageant fans from expressing their support for her. To show how Rabiya and her team prepared well for the pageant, photos of her supposed evening gown for the pageant were posted online.


Rabiya would have looked like a "Phoenix" ready to breathe fire in a fiery orange long gown by Furne One of the fashion house Amato. It had strong shades of orange and red with feathers and a long train.

Rabiya Mateo's Phoenix long gown
Rabiya Mateo's Phoenix long gown | Photo Courtesy: Twitter/FURNE ONE AMATO

The Dubai-based Filipino designer was also responsible for Rabiya's yellow sun-inspired long gown at the Miss Universe preliminary competition.

According to Furne One, they spent around 10,000 hours just to make four gowns of Rabiya to be used until the finals. He described their creations to be full of "energy and vibrancy."

For Rabiya's orange gown, Furne One said that it was inspired by the mythical bird, Phoenix which is often associated with the worship of the sun. He wrote several teasers online describing the stunning long gown.

"In order to rise from its own ashes, a Phoenix must burn first," the designer wrote.

In an earlier interview, Furne One admitted that the Miss Universe Philippines organizations wanted a different take on the pageant gowns.

"Yes, for the gowns, they're all custom-made, meaning all handmade. So we spent around 10,000 hours on four gowns. It's different, Albert and Jonas contacted me to do this even though I'm more on avant garde designs than pageant designs, 'coz they want me to do a different take on pageantry," he said.

Rabiya got to don the Phoenix dress on the Miss Universe stage during the introduction part of the Evening Gown competition.

Rabiya ended her Miss Universe journey for failing to enter the Top 10 of the competition. Miss Mexico Andrea Meza won the coveted 69th Miss Universe crown.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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