Rabiya Mateo spotted with Andre Brouillette amid break up rumors with long-time BF

MANILA, Philippines – Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Rabiya Mateo was spotted with former "Pinoy Big Brother" housemate Andre Brouillette amid rumors that she has broken up with her long-time boyfriend.
Rabiya Mateo spotted with Andre Brouillette

Rabiya Mateo spotted with Andre Brouillette
Rabiya Mateo spotted with Andre Brouillette in Los Angeles | Photo from Instagram/ Andre Brouillette

The beauty queen shared on her Instagram Stories a quick video clip of her bonding moment with Andre in Los Angeles, California. Although the two were not alone while dining in the restaurant, it was obvious that they were having a good time as they shared laughter together.

Rabiya Mateo spotted with Andre Brouillette
Photo from Instagram/ Andre Brouillette

Andre also posted photos of her and Rabiya on Instagram with the caption, "Lunch with the lovely and beautiful @rabiyamateo."

It can be recalled that Andre has been keeping up with Rabiya during the 69th Miss Universe competition as he was giving MU updates vlog for the Empire Philippines.

The video clip further fueled break-up rumors between Rabiya and her long-time boyfriend Neil Salvacion. It also didn't help that hawk-eyed netizens were quick to notice that Neil had deleted all photos of Rabiya on his Instagram account. He kept mum amid the numerous questions of netizens on his comment section about the status of his relationship with Rabiya.

During the Miss Universe pageant, Neil had shared his support for his girlfriend by sharing video clips of Rabiya on stage. He shared how his "jaw dropped" upon seeing her performance.

Rabiya Mateo and Neil Salvacion.
Rabiya Mateo and Neil Salvacion.

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Among the sweet posts of Neil about Rabiya was his birthday greeting last November 14, 2020. He shared how proud he is seeing Rabiya achieves her dreams in life.

"Happy Birthday Love. I still get so emotional and felt so surreal seeing you achieving all the dreams and harvesting all the blessings you deserve for all the hardworks you've done since you were young."

“Being proud is an understatement to what I feel towards your success, you've sacrificed so much in life but manages to remain optimistic in whatever situation you've faced...

"I've learned so much in life thru you, and I know you'll use the influence you have to spread kindness and optimism to whoever you'll meet along the way. Stay Phenomenal my love! I LOVE YOU."

Rabiya and Neil were college sweethearts and have been together for almost six years.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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