LOOK: Miss Everything's transformation wows netizens

MANILA, Philippines – Viral sensation Miss Everything impressed netizens with her new look.

Miss Everything impresses netizens with transformation
Miss Everything impresses netizens with transformation | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/ Toledo Medical

Erika Camata, also known as Miss Everything, wowed everyone with her latest transformation. And isn't just a new makeup look but through eight cosmetic procedures.

On Facebook, Toledo Medical Companies shared the 'before and after' photos of Miss Everything. According to them, they "polished" the look of Ms Everything to bring out her natural look.

The post goes, "Glow Up for Miss Everything

Dr. Toledo polished yet preserved the natural look as Ms. Everything portrays comedy roles in her blogs."

The beauty clinic shared the eight procedures that the viral star went through. She had Facial harmony by volume correction, Barbie Forehead, Almond Eyes, Chin Augmentation, Cheek Augmentation, Perfect Jaw Angle, Lip reduction and Rhinoplasty with Sailboat Alar Plasty.

The new looks of Ms. Everything

Posted by Dr. Toledo on Saturday, May 8, 2021

Miss Everything, who reached popularity due to her funny Tiktok videos where she speaks in broken English, also shared some snippets of her experience.

Calling herself a "Toledo baby," Miss Everything admits she feels truly blessed. In a video of her, she wrote, "Tunay na pinagpala." In the caption, she added, "I’m just adding my confidence of beauty."

In an earlier interview on Magandang Buhay, Ms Everything revealed her humble beginnings and how she struggled to grow up in poverty. Despite it all, it was comedy that helped her get through.

“Yung sa likod ng pagpapatawa ko, kahit paano may kalungkutan. Sa lahat po ng mga tao, importante maging masaya. Na-apply ko 'yun kasi kung sa buhay mo, malungkot ka, madadamay lahat sa bahay niyo. Dapat masaya para masaya ang pamilya,” she said.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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