Couple's all six daughters become police officers

MANILA, Philippines – All six daughters of the Guelos couple from Pajo, Zarraga, Iloilo became policewomen.

Guelos couple in Iloilo daughters policewomen
The Guelos couple boasts six police officers in their family | Photo courtesy: Facebook/ Anthony Jimoga-on Photography

All parents wish to see their children achieve their dreams. For Crispin and Clemencia Guelos, they couldn't be any more proud of their six daughters as they became police officers.

Aside from their six daughters, the couple also has three sons who are now professionals. Even more impressive, the couple were able to send all their nine children through school with pure hardwork and dedication. Working as farmers, construction workers, laborers and vendors, the Guelos couple persevered to make sure their children achieve their dreams in life.

According to Nanay Clemencia, they don't mind going through difficulties to ensure their children's future. She even revealed that Crispin even had leukemia at one point and she worked hard as a farmer. It was faith in God that helped them get through it all.

Their six daughters who are now police officers are:PEMS Maria Cherry G. Demarana, PEMS Ma. Irene G. Habuyo, PSMS Sharon G. Dalit, PSSG Nerissa G. Federizo, Patrol Woman Era Dawn G. Buot and PCpl Merry Cris G. Asturias.

Guelos couple in Iloilo daughters policewomen
Photo courtesy: Facebook/ Anthony Jimoga-on Photography

To celebrate their parents' sacrifices, the siblings had a photoshoot to share their inspiring story. On Facebook, Anthony Jimoga-on Photography shared photos of the family with a short background of their story.

The caption says, "Despite living in poverty, their parents worked hard as laborers (as construction workers, farmers, vendors, etc.) to send their children to school.

Their love was blessed by God with nine (9) wonderful children: 3 boys and 6 girls, all of whom graduated and are now professionals.

But what’s incredibly amazing is all of their daughters graduated with different bachelor's degrees but possessed brave hearts and strong minds to become successful police officers."

Guelos couple in Iloilo daughters policewomen
Photo courtesy: Facebook/ Anthony Jimoga-on Photography

"To succeed: work hard, never give up and above all cherish a magnificent obsession in learning the value of hard work by working hard..Tatay, Nanay, THANK YOU!"

— Sally, The Summit Express

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